Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~Valentines scrabble sign~

It seems like I always end
up giving everything I make away.
After finishing the big project I was working on yesterday,
toddler bedding for a friend, I decided I was
going to make something for myself.
It was a total spur of the moment project
and the finished product is my new favorite
Valentines decoration.

I got the idea from my neighbor.
I was actually going to spray paint the frame a 
different color but I dropped it and it cracked :(
See it?
It's a cheap frame from the dollar store.
I put the ribbon around all the sides to hold it 
together where it had cracked. Funny how 
you can find new ways to do things by having
to improvise and then end up loving it 
more than what you had in mind originally. 

It's not very cute from the back:
But who's gonna see the back right?

I like the little touch of pretty that the pearl buttons add.
I hot glued scrabble letters onto a piece
of scrapbook paper for the "filling" .
This was a 20 minute project.
No kidding.
What did we ever do without glue guns? 

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