Saturday, July 13, 2013

~Kids target game with swim noodles~

 I wish I had pinned the idea when I saw
it so I could give credit where it's due......
but I didn't. So-let me just get it out there
that this wasn't my idea-I saw it on Pinterest
at the beginning of the summer and made it
for my kids the following week.

Materials needed:
7 swim noodles
clear packing tape
re-bar or shepherds hooks to hold it up
water balloons or a ball

This was all done by taping the noodles 
together with clear packing tape and then
attaching them to our hooks in the grass
with tape. We used water balloons and made 
this part of an obstacle course.
The kids LOVED it!
Total cost of project:
A very cheap afternoon of fun with the kids.
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