Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~bunny hair pretties for little girl~

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I saw a cute idea for some Easter hair pretties
in the dollar store the other day. I would
have bought them but they were too big for
my little lady's head so I came home
and tried my own version.
I love them with the little piggies on top 
of her head.  
 They were easy to make.
All you need is a hair clip, felt and
whatever you want to embellish it with.  

I was thinking of making a set and doing 
a giveaway but as I started thinking about
my schedule this week and next,
I realized I wouldn't have a chance
to make it and get them out before Easter.
It's Wednesday...the week is half over.
I've got a baby shower I'm throwing on Saturday
and a family Easter dinner on Sunday.
It's going to be busy....
I'll be posting pics of the table and decorations.

On a totally different topic....
have you seen The Hunger Games yet?
I'm interested to hear people's opinion
about the movie. I read the books
and LOVED them (surprisingly).

After seeing the movie the only word I 
can come up with when people ask me
what I thought is, "Eh."
I know, it's not really a word.
It just lacked the oomph that the book had.
For me, the emotion didn't come thru in 
the movie like it did so strongly in the book. 
Doesn't that always seem to be the case?
It was anti-climatic. 
However, the casting and the acting was

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~wall art with a t-shirt~

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I think I'm going to start a continuing post topic on 
here titled, "Things I've done with t-shirts."
I don't have much time this morning so
this first one I'm going to share is simple.

A couple times a year when my friend goes thru
her closet, she lets me rummage thru her
"donate" bag before sending it off. 
I find all sorts of treasures :)

This project is made from an adorable tank-top
she had that was stretched out and unwearable.
I loved the design and COLORS on it and
knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.
 I framed it and hung it on the wall
in my little lady's room.
It makes me smile each time I look at it.
It's just so bright and happy looking.
The design on the shirt was actually just the
tree and the hearts. 
The butterfly's are old vintage pins 
that were given to me by my Grandma and
a good friend. I just attached them to the 
shirt after I got it framed.

 Next time you have an old t-shirt that you
like....think outside the box before tossing it.
You never know what you might come up with. 

Tomorrow I am being featured on 
(click above to be directed)
It's a blog all about birthday parties!
It is full of ideas and a great resource for
planning a party. Check it out.
She is featuring my son's pirate party
and daughter's 1st birthday cupcake toppers.

Also.....maybe another giveaway later today?

Monday, March 26, 2012

~giveaway winner~

Congratulations Susie!
You won the Easter bunting.
I hope it will be a nice little addition
to your Easter decorations.

Thanks to everyone who entered :) 

~buffalo bleu chicken sandwiches...soooo good~

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I have a board on Pinterest for food.
Pinterest is a great place to go for
food ideas. It's challenging to think of different stuff
every week to cook for the family. 
I made an attempt at a dish I saw on Pinterest.
I didn't follow it exactly but used the basic idea.
 It's SUPER easy.

Here's what you'll need:
-crock pot
- 3 pounds boneless chicken breasts-frozen
-hot wing sauce
-ranch dressing packet

Put your frozen chicken in the crock pot on low.
Pour the entire bottle of wing sauce over the chicken.
The recipe I saw suggested Franks hot sauce...I used
another type of hot wing sauce we had on hand.
I don't think it matters what kind of hot sauce you long as you like the flavor of it. 
Pour the packet of ranch mix into the crock pot
with your chicken and hot sauce.
Put the lid on and let cook on low for a few hours
until the chicken is done. 

I stirred it a couple times while it was cooking to
mix up the ranch mix. 

Once your chicken is cooked, remove the chicken
and shred with a couple forks. I hold the chicken 
with one fork and shred it with another fork.
This worked really well.

Once you have your chicken shredded,
put it all pack into the crock pot with 
the hot sauce mixture. Let it sit 
in there on low for another hour.

Serve it up on your favorite type of rolls
and top with bleu cheese (if you like it).
I'm warning you....

Or-if you prefer less carbs you can 
top a salad with it, 
which is EXACTLY what I did the
next day with left overs. 
 Try it this week in your dinner menu.
You're gonna love it. 

If you are afraid of spicy....
try it with barbecue sauce instead.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

~easter bunting tutorial and GIVEAWAY!~

Have you decorated for Easter yet?
I love Easter decorations.
The colors seem so refreshing after
our long cold winters. 
I made an Easter bunting for my shelf 
a couple days like 30 minutes.
No kidding.
It was that easy.
I know my shelf isn't great right now.
I just didn't have it in me.
But I do love the bunting.
You can do it too.
Here's how.....

You'll need
-5 book pages
-2 yards of string or ribbon
-ink pad
-Styrofoam eggs
(got mine at dollar store for a pkg of 12)
-glue gun
-sharpie marker

Here we go:

  That's it!
You're ready to hang it now....
If you don't to make your own,
leave a comment here and I'll give you this 
Just leave a comment and be a follower
and you're entered. 
You have until Monday evening at 5:00.


Friday, March 23, 2012

~more zipper bracelets~

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 I've been busy making zipper bracelets this week.
I've sold 20 so far!
I just finished another order of 10.
Have a look-see:

I have 3 more that I need to make for someone
and then maybe I'll actually get a chance to 
make some for MYSELF!

I'm off to brunch with my lady friends
but come back a little later today.
I have an Easter project to share with 
you and a GIVE AWAY!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

~our leprechaun trap~

We made our leprechaun trap.
Want to see?

We made our trap out of a 1 liter soda bottle.
My husband cut the top off and then we used
scrapbook paper and a glue gun to decorate it.
We made the little ladder out of twigs from our yard.
It's primitive I know, but hey, it's our first leprechaun trap.  
We didn't have gold to bait it with so we
left pennies instead :)
We didn't catch the little bugger but
he did leave the kids a treat.
 Chocolate coins wrapped in green foil.

This was the extent of our green breakfast. 
I told you it wasn't going to be over the top.

I taped these Styrofoam shamrocks ($$ store)
to toothpicks and stuck them in the food.

Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day. 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~Pinspiration-St. Patrick's Day~

I've never done anything for my family for
St. Patrick's Day....other than dress them 
in green or pinch their cute cheeks :) 
I don't want my kids to think that every
"holiday" warrants a gift or a big ridiculous
celebration.  That being said,
I've found a couple cute things on Pinterest
that I think I might try this year.

I love the idea of a green breakfast.
I have to make them breakfast anyway....
I might as well make it all green.
This breakfast from the blog eighteen25 is so cute.
I'm not going to go full out with the 
printables and food labels but I'm definitely
going to be making the green food.

This is something I can't wait to do with my little guy:
Leprechaun traps!
How cute is this?
This idea is from Family Fun and it looks like they 
have a couple other cute ideas to catch those
pesky leprechauns! Check them out. 

How cute is this......
...pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow

Click on any of these pictures to be directed
to the sites mentioned. 

Do you do anything special for St. Patrick's Day?
I'm curious to find out if most people 
celebrate it or blow it off as another
silly holiday that isn't really a holiday.....
you know what I mean right?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~giveaway winner~

Giveaway winner-
Wow ladies....y'all weren't into the bobby pins eh?
I only got 3 entries for them.
Out of those entries 2 of the ladies have 
never used them so-I will get some for 
SUSIE and MONIKA to try.
Congrats ladies.
AMANDA-you said in your comment that you had 
some but prefer the larger ones. If you want
some of these leave me a comment and I will 
hook you up too :)
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Friday, March 9, 2012

~wonder bobby pins and a giveaway~

When it comes to my hair, I end up
pulling it up most days. Not just because it's 
easier but because I happen to love "up-do's".
 I have a secret weapon
when it comes to pulling up my hair......
mini bobby pins.
I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply for dirt cheap.
I think they're a couple bucks.
I think they work much better than 
a normal size bobby pin.
They are smaller allowing them to grip tighter.
I took a picture of a mini pin next to 
a normal sized bobby pin so you can see:
I have a board for BEAUTY on my Pinterest.
Click [here] to see the board.
Pinned to this board I have make-up tips,
hair tips, skin care tips, etc.
I found a simple up-do the other day and 
tried it today. Here's how it turned out:
 It was so easy.
Click [here] to view the tutorial.
(I'm unable to tell where the original posting 
of it was so that's why I didn't reference it here :(
Sorry....I know that's not proper 
Pinterest and blogging etiquette.)
It stayed like this the WHOLE day.
I just barely took this picture....after having
it in all day.
I'm sure you've guessed by now that I used 
my mini bobby pins for this. 

So....just because I love them so much
and I love YOU all so much....
I'm going to give a package of 
these miracle bobby pins away
to one of you lucky's!

Just leave me a comment telling 
me your favorite way to wear your hair
and you're entered....and become a follower
if you're not already. 
If you want a 2nd entry- post about this on your
blog or facebook page linking back to my blog. 

I'll pick a winner on Monday the 12th.
Trust want some of these!

Have a great weekend friends!
I'm off to let my hair down.
The hot tub and a bottle glass of wine are calling my name.

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