Thursday, March 8, 2012

~a display of old keys~

This project I'm about to 
share is a stark contrast to the failed
project I shared with you last night.
Funny thing is....I made them 
both one after the other, all in about an hour. 
This was what I made first:
 We've had these old keys for about a year now.
They were my husband's Great Grandma's keys.
We absolutely love them and have been trying to
figure out how to display them ever since we got them.
I was watching The Nate Berkus show the other
day and saw a project similar to this and thought
to myself, "Hey-that's exactly what I want to do!"

So...I pulled out the glue gun, used a frame I had
and started gluing. I'm really pleased with the
way it turned out and I was able to use all 
the keys. My husband likes it too, which is
a good thing since technically, they're his keys.
Let me add-in real life that you can't see the mat behind
the glass like you can in these pics....the flash
makes it visible in the pics. Darnit.

 It was so simple.
I used 12 X 12 frame I had and took out the glass.
I covered the glass and backing with fabric and placed
it back into the frame. I then figured out where
I wanted to place the keys and glued them on.
It was that easy.

I really love how you can see each key and 
appreciate them for their individuality and beauty.
I love displaying things that symbolize family history
and have sentimental meaning. This is one 
of those pieces for me :)
My husband remembers his Great Grandma using 
these keys in her house when he was a little boy.
Now they hang in our house....I love that.

I figured as long as I had the glue gun out
I would keep the creative juices flowing.
As we saw with the St.Patrick's Day 
scrabble subway art last night-I should have put down the 
glue gun and stepped away from the table.
At least one of the projects was a success. 


Dawn said...

I remember those keys!!! I loved them! And I love your display!

susie said...

So cute, Justin's mom has a ton of old keys. She displays them in a Really old cool looking jar. Secretly, I was hoping she wouldn't want them when we moved and she would give them to me....but it didn't happen! Your display is really cool, where are you putting them in your house? Love you

Amanda said...

I like it a lot.. Can't wait to see where you put it.

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