Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~Valentines scrabble sign~

It seems like I always end
up giving everything I make away.
After finishing the big project I was working on yesterday,
toddler bedding for a friend, I decided I was
going to make something for myself.
It was a total spur of the moment project
and the finished product is my new favorite
Valentines decoration.

I got the idea from my neighbor.
I was actually going to spray paint the frame a 
different color but I dropped it and it cracked :(
See it?
It's a cheap frame from the dollar store.
I put the ribbon around all the sides to hold it 
together where it had cracked. Funny how 
you can find new ways to do things by having
to improvise and then end up loving it 
more than what you had in mind originally. 

It's not very cute from the back:
But who's gonna see the back right?

I like the little touch of pretty that the pearl buttons add.
I hot glued scrabble letters onto a piece
of scrapbook paper for the "filling" .
This was a 20 minute project.
No kidding.
What did we ever do without glue guns? 

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Monday, January 30, 2012

~zipper bracelet giveaway~CLOSED


I'm so excited about this!
And a little nervous....what if no one enters for the giveaway?
I decided for my first giveaway I'm going to give
TWO of you lucky readers a zipper bracelet.
  I will make one of these especially for you!
The charms will not be identical to these
(sorry, already gave these away) but they will be cute.
Maybe I can even personalize it for the winners.

I'm thinking of selling these and I'm not sure what
price point to list them at.
So...this is where you and this giveaway comes 
into the picture. This is how you enter to win:

*leave me a comment telling me how much you'd 
pay for one of these AND become a follower on my blog.

*for a 2nd entry tell all your friends about this giveaway
by posting on your blog or facebook with a link
back to this blog. 
*for a 3rd entry leave me a comment telling me
what kind of charm you would want on your bracelet.

Each entry should be left in it's own comment.
(So-if you do all three of these you would leave
me three separate comments....get it?)

I'll leave this open for one week....
I'll close it at midnight on February 6th,
which happens to be my birthday :)
Remember...there will be 2 WINNERS!
It could be you!

Go enter!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

~handmade valentines cards~

I've told you before how much I enjoy making 
handmade Valentines each year.
I send them to Grandparents and siblings as well 
as my own sweetheart and kids.
This was the Valentine I made a couple years ago:
 The inside message was something like,
"We've got our eyes on you Valentine!" 
It was so easy to do.

I got the picture I wanted to use,
cut out everything besides us (obviously),
stuck that on a blank card decorated with paper,
glued the googly eyes over our real eyes
wrote the message inside the card. 

Not all Valentines cards have to be sappy.
Which leads me to my next question....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

~hair pretties~

 My little guy had a birthday party for one of his friends
who is a girl but "not a girlfriend" (as he says).
Along with a stack of leg warmers,
I made her a couple hair pretties.

My little lady is still in the stage where she pulls
EVERYTHING out of her hair when I attempt 
to style it. Because of this, I haven't really
got into making hair pretties yet. 
My Mom used to make them for us when I was a kid
and I remember being so proud of the fact that 
I had the cutest hair pretties in the whole class.
My experience making hair accessories is moderate.
I went thru a phase in 9th grade where I made a bunch
of cute barrettes and clips for myself using oddball things.
Some of them were real cute.
Like the one I adorned with pills.
Yes...you read correctly. My Mom worked in a 
Dr's office and we had tons of drug samples so 
I thought they would be a cute colorful way to 
adorn this particular barrette. I wore it a few times
and actually got a lot of compliments on it but 
the first time my Mother informed me that I was
wearing hormone pills that she took for her 
menopause, was the day I quit wearing it.
Nowadays it would probably be considered drug contraband.
I've just dated myself haven't I? I went to school
back in the days when we didn't have school officers,
mandatory locker inspections, drug sniffing dogs and
rules and regulations for EVERYTHING.

I'm sure as my girl gets older I will make more
and get better at making them but until then,
this is where I'm at with it.
To say the little girl I made them for is a "girly girl" would be
a bit of an understatement. I sure do hope she likes them.

I can see how this could get addicting.
I had so much fun making these.
They were easy, inexpensive and quick.

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Pinspiration-kids stuff"

From food to crafts to game ideas....
you can find so many ideas for little kids on Pinterest.
It's one of my favorite things to search.

Here's a sampling of some of the great ideas
I've recently found on Pinterest.

(Click on any of the pics to be redirected to 
their link source and learn more about them.)
 I'm seriously considering making one of these for
 my guys art supplies. He currently has a 
little desk in his room that I keep threatening to get
rid of because most of the time it's just stacked with
his crap and cannot even be used as a desk. I'm wondering
if this would solve that problem.
 What a fun game for kids.
This would be a fun game for a birthday party.
And best of all....cheap!
 I made this fort kit for my little guy's birthday.
It's a big hit and it was another easy and inexpensive project.
I'm going to be making another one soon for
a friend's son.
 This blog has a ton of ideas for kids activities.
Check it out.
 Another fun activity for kids.
Spy training game.
 I love these little snack bags. 
I'm going to do this soon :)
Although my kids would prefer them to 
be filled with chocolate.
 What a cute sandwich.
I need to try this....it's almost too cute to eat.
 A snack station for kids in the fridge.
Back before I had kids when my nieces and nephews
would come stay with me I would make them 
sacks filled with snacks to last them throughout the day.
That way they didn't have to ask me when they 
wanted something. I haven't thought to do this 
for my kids....forgot all about it....until now.
 Now this is a creative way to eat marshmallows
and apple slices.
Maybe I could get him to eat peppers if
I presented them like this.
This would also be fun for a Halloween party.
 I've made a couple quiet books and I think this
little coloring tote is a good alternative to a quiet book.
It looks easy and it's adorable. It would also be a 
good birthday gift for kids.
If you haven't seen my quiet books you should check them 
out by clicking on my label "quiet book" on the sidebar.
 This is another cute gift idea for little kids.
I don't let my kids do sleepovers but I'm going to
make them each one for when we go out of town
to see relatives. It will make my little guy feel
very grown up to have his own travel kit. 
 Soft para-troopers. My little guy was just asking
me the other day for another para-trooper toy.
This is way better than those cheap little plastic ones.
Plus-I don't have to worry about my baby getting
the plastic parachute and choking on it.
 How genius is this?
Three pillows covered in fabric for the kids
to lay on. Another project I've got to do.
This means I have to clear a spot on the floor
amidst all the toys to actually have a place
to lay these pillows. Re-thinking this :)
A good deed punch card for kids.
Once it's filled they get a reward. 
I'm going to try this.
Hopefully  it will work because my little guy
has been a turd lately.
 What a cute way to have your kids footprints forever.
 Shaving cream paint for the bathtub.
What kid wouldn't love this?
I love how innovative this idea is. 
We have a dozen stray action figures I could do this with.
I've got more but I have to stop now.
I wasn't kidding when I said I could go on and on 
about my fun Pinterest finds :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~leather and lace belt~

I love lace and I've been seeing it 
in people's fashion choices a lot lately it seems.
I got a big piece of thick lace a few weeks ago
with the intentions of adding it to a waistband
on a pair of pants of mine. 
Well, that didn't work out and I've been trying
to figure out how I could use it.

I saw this dress on Pinterest a few days ago
and knew immediately what I wanted to do with the lace:
Isn't this beautiful?
Anyway, keep in mind this was just my inspiration.
Obviously I didn't make a dress like this.....YET :)
This is what I did:

I made a little lace belt to layer with other belts.
I know this shirt isn't the best with it and I didn't realize
 until I looked at the pictures tonight...yowza.
Next time I'm going to try it with a little shift dress.

Here's how I did it.

First off, buy enough lace to fit around your waist
with about 2 extra inches. Next you want to wrap the
lace around your waist where you'll be wearing it and
mark with pins the two meeting points on each end. 
Go ahead and fold the ends under about an inch.
 The pins represent the line I will be sewing my snaps on.

Now you want to take another piece of material that has
some body and stiffness to it. This is what you will be 
attaching the snaps to. I used some weird shiny black
material I've had for years. Cut a piece just big enough to
fit in between the two layers of the lace ends you 
just folded under. You'll want to use a piece
the same color as your lace so it doesn't stick out
like a sore thumb. 
 This is what it will look like:
Next you will be sewing the ends of your lace that you've
just turned under and placed the fabric strip into.

 Sew both ends under and it will look something like this:
Now the tedious part.....sewing on the snaps.
These were the kind I used.
 Make sure you have a "male" and a "female" part for
each snap. Determine where you want to place
them and sew them on. It was a little tricky
sewing a black snap onto a black piece of lace
with a black piece of thread....I poked myself a lot.
 Nice chipped nail polish eh?
So, once you've got them sewn on, it will look 
something like this. Remember, not both ends will
be turned under in the same direction. Since you want
them to meet and lay flat, one end will actually be 
turned up and the other end will be turned down.
Also, be sure to sew your snaps on the underside of
the piece that will laying on the top. On the other end,
you will sewing them on the top. Is this making sense?
Once you lay out the lace and start fitting it to you
I think you will see what I'm talking about.
I should have said that before now shouldn't I?
I learned this the hard way.
yeah...and I thought sewing the snaps was rough?
Try unpicking a black seam on a piece of black lace.
I can't believe I didn't destroy it.
I tried it with a couple different belts and 
it looked cute with all of them.
What a shame I didn't try a different shirt.
I am really loving the "leatha and lace" look.
Can't wait to try it with something else.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~valentines projects-done by moi~

I'm not doing a very good job the past
couple weeks of posting on this blog.
I have plenty to share it's just that
I can't seem to find enough hours in the day
to get to this little blog of mine. 

I've been working on some Valentine's projects.
You may recognize some of these ideas from 
my "pinspiration-Valentine's Day" post.

 Baby leg warmers for these adorable little chub legs.
If you want to make some of these use the 
leg warmer tutorial I posted a couple weeks ago.

 I saw this idea as a pillow and decided instead
to do it in a picture frame. It was sooo easy.
Just sew some string onto a piece of fabric
cut to the proper dimensions for your frame.
The hearts are attached at the point where
the button is sewn on. Put back in the
frame and you're done.
I also did this one:

This idea was also originally a pillow that I
chose to do in a frame instead.
To do this I just traced a heart onto my piece of
muslin and used a big quilting needle with my
ribbon threaded in it. Stitch around your heart
shape, being sure to leave enough ribbon at
the end to tie in a bow. I added the button
to give it a little more texture. 
These are both going to a friend for her birthday.
The other project...
this adorable red and silver bracelet.
My next Valentine's project will be 
the heart shaped cupcakes and our
Valentine's cards. 

Meanwhile, I am working on some toddler bedding
that I will hopefully be finishing up within the next
couple days for a friend. I hope the finished product
will turn out as cute as the one we've envisioned 
in our heads :) 

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