Monday, December 10, 2012

~favorite things swapping action~

 Remember that holiday swap I was telling you about?
I sent a lovely little box out to my swap buddy.
(sounds like I should be on Santa's naughty list
with that sentence, doesn't it?)   

She should get it on Wednesday.....
after she gets it I'll show you the goodies 
I sent her. You'll be amazed what I did for 
twenty bucks!   

Sunday, December 9, 2012

~personalized book for kids-gift idea~

 Back in September I discovered a free photo book
offer at Shutterfly again. GREAT!
Problem was, it ended that night.
I couldn't let a free photo book offer go to waste
so I decided to throw a book together that
I'd been wanting to do for awhile.
I took pictures of my son's favorite toy
"doing things" throughout the day while
he was at school and made it a story.
It was actually a lot of fun coming
up with ideas for the pages.   
Once I got the pictures, I plugged them into the 
book and the story just took off.
 Disclaimer: the pics are NOT the greatest quality.

 My son LOVED it! 
I gave it to him for his birthday.
The next day when I took him to school he said,
"I told MACK to do a few things while I'm at school."
Seriously? This is definitely my kid......

Total time it took to make this book,
including taking the pictures, was only 1.5 hours.
For those of you looking for a fun, personalized
gift for that kid on your Christmas list, 
this is your GOLDMINE!
Easy, affordable (even if it's not free)
and something they'll remember forever......
because COME ON-
when you were a little kid
didn't you think your toys played and did
things when you were gone?
I sure did.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

~christmas wreaths for graves~

 To some of you it may sound morbid but I love making
pretty things to put on the graves of my loved ones.
Makes it feel like it's still something I can do for them.

Grandma and I headed over to the cemetery a couple
days ago to decorate Grandpa and my Mother-in-law's
graves. I've never been able to take anything to her
for Christmas before...either because there was too 
much snow or just because I didn't think of it in time.
I made her a pretty little wreath with supplies I got 
at the Dollar Store. In total it cost me $4. 
Here's what a $4 Christmas wreath looks like:
angel ornament-$1
silver poinsetta flowers-$1
silver tipped pine foliage-$1  
 As you can see up's not necessarily
the best of quality but it's going to be outside,
in the winter cold, wind and elements so I
didn't want to spend an insane amount of $$$ on it.   

 I printed up a family picture of us, covered it with
a taped Ziploc baggie and stuck it in the pine cone.
I stuck it thru a wooden dowel and stuck 
the dowel into the ground.   
 Look at those beautiful mountains in the background.
What a majestic view for a "resting place".

Grandma told me she made 
"an arrangement with some old, ratty decorations"
she found in her basement. This is not what
I was expecting when I picked her up:

Isn't it beautiful?
I told her it made mine look ratty. 
I have a couple more to make today.
Tune in for some pics of those.
Have a great weekend. 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

~daily Christmas advent activities with books~

cutest advent activities and gifts for each of
us kids and our families.
She put so much time and money into it and 
it was something I was hoping to do each year.
I wasn't on the ball enough to do it last year.

This year, I thought about it in time but didn't
want to buy things to add to our already
insane amount of Christmas decorations
or kids toys. I saw an idea on the blog
MADE last year and decided to give it a go
for my family this Christmas;
a book to read each day until Christmas.
I didn't want to go buy any so I just 
gathered up all the Christmas books we
already had here at the house.
 I was a few shy of having enough for each day
so I added in a coloring book for the kids, 
a Christmas game, some mugs and a couple 
activities (like looking at the lights down-town,
cookie making and ornament making) to the gifts.
I had all these at home.
I wrapped them up and put numbers on them
to correspond with the days we will open them.
         When my kid opened the first day's he said,
"Hey! This book isn't new! I already have this!"
I think he was a bit disappointed initially but it
passed as soon as we sat down to read the book.
Now it's the first thing he wants to do when
he gets out of bed each morning.     

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