Sunday, December 26, 2010

~christmas ornaments~

I made some cute personalized ornaments
for some of my family and friends this year.
Check them out:

They were super easy and I had so much
fun making them.
The bulbs are from Michael's craft store.
I got them 50% off ....they were .64 a piece.
I had some pictures printed at Walmart
as wallet sizes and backed the picture
with some decorative scrapbook paper I
had on hand.
Next I rolled the picture and inserted it into
the bulb, manipulating the picture as needed
with a pair of tweezers.
Now the fun part-inserting the berries,
feathers, snowflakes, etc, into the
bulb and rubbing the transfers onto the
outside of the bulbs.
These were also all things I had on hand.
The last step was to tie ribbon onto
the top of the ornament....also
used what I had on hand.
The end result....
a sentimental,
gift for people I love.

Friday, December 10, 2010

~monogrammed boys hat~

My nephew turns four next week and I thought
I would make him a little monogrammed hat
for his birthday.
I used black fleece and just traced one of
EJ's hats to get the size right for a toddler.
I used some material I had from some old
camo pants for the monogram, pom-pom and stripe.

I'm sure he'd rather get a toy but until I learn how to make
dinosaurs, dump trucks, tractors, guns, etc. he'll
be getting gifts like this.

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