Friday, April 27, 2012

~closet peek-a-boo~

 I am having so much fun with these posts
about my outfits! I love laying the outfits out,
taking the pictures, making the collages and
writing all about the clothes I wear.
I hope you enjoy them too.

Here's a peek at what I wore this week:

I told you last week you'd see a lot of these blue pants
and I wasn't kidding. No special occasion for this
outfit......a typical day here at home with the kids 
and a few errands (shuttle kids to pre-school, library, etc.).

Note to self; take these pics BEFORE throwing clothes
into the dirty clothes and then digging them back
out to take the pictures.
 Again, no special occasion with this outfit.
Typical day with the kids.....and some VERY nice 
spring weather.
 I wore this outfit last Saturday. 
Most of the day consisted of hanging out at home
with my baby. In the evening I went over to a friend's
house where we visited and had dinner.
I love dresses and tend to wear a lot of them, 
especially in the summer time. 
However, I'm still nursing so it makes dress
wearing a little tricky. Unless it's got easy boob
access-it's just not realistic right now. This
particular dress is one of my favorites and I'm 
not even embarrassed to admit that it's a 
maternity dress. I got it when I was pregnant with
my first baby and have kept it because it's such a 
great, classic, comfortable dress. 
It's so versatile, I can dress it up or
dress it down. I'll keep this until it's worn out.
Finally, this outfit was another hang around the house day.
Comfortable and easy. Believe it or not, the shoes
are actually really comfy and easy to walk in.
The shirt is another cheap, trendy piece to add
to my summer wardrobe. I'm seeing a lot of really
bright colors and I thought this would be a fun
way to throw some of that into my wardrobe this summer.
It was $5 at Walmart.
You'll be seeing a lot of it :)

In case you're wondering, 
my week was as boring as it sounds!
Nothing too exciting, which is actually just fine.
However....we are going out tomorrow night
and it's gonna be fun! You'll see that outfit
on next week's closet peek-a-boo.

Have a great weekend and remember,
wear what YOU love and what YOU
feel attractive in. 
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~garden markers~

 We started planting our little garden last week.
We don't have a whole lot of areas to plant things
so we can only choose a few each year.
This year we have: lettuce, tomatoes, chives, parsley, 
dill, onions, jalapenos and beets (first time!).
My little guy helped me paint rocks to mark what we planted. 

 I know....they're primitive looking but we had fun with them.
If I were to do it again I would use a 
large permanent marker instead of painting the words on.

We've also been doing a lot of playing in the yard this past week.
Toes in the grass.
Toes in the sandbox.
Toes in flip-flops.
Toes in the water.
Do you love your kids' feet as much as I do?
Oh-those little toes.


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Saturday, April 21, 2012

~our beautiful flowers~

 Spring is my favorite season.
This is one of the reasons:

...our amazing flowers.
We have so many tulips and flowers blooming.
I can't take ANY credit for this beauty.
My husband does it ALL.
He digs EVERY SINGLE bulb up after the flower
has died off, cleans the bulbs, stores them in a 
cool/dry place the entire summer and then plants
them all again in the fall.
He puts so much work into it and I appreciate
it so much. He likes flowers and gets his
green thumb from his Grandma but I know another
reason he does it each year is because he knows
how much I appreciate their beauty. 

 His famous crown lilies.
He is having problems keeping these alive and
for the past 3 consecutive years, we have
lost most of these bulbs due to bugs.
If any of you out there have any suggestions
to keeping these bulbs alive-I would 
greatly appreciate it.

In the summer time our flower beds will be
full of roses, day lilies, various ground covering plants
 and petunias.

Oh-the beauty of the Earth!
Isn't it amazing? 
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Friday, April 20, 2012

~spring outfits~

 I love seeing what other people wear.
Lots of bloggers do it and I want to join the chorus.
I love fashion and I love putting outfits together.
Back before I had kids, I would put outfits
together for hours when I got bored.
Needless to say, that hasn't happened not even ONCE
since I've become a mother. 

I'm gonna be honest, most days it seems I migrate
towards all the "easy" outfits in my closet.
(Translation: jeans, tank top and hoodie jacket)
Before I had kids I NEVER wore jeans. 
No joke-I owned 3 pair of jeans and I rarely wore them.
Now I own about 10-15 pair of jeans and wear them daily.

The main reason for this is simply the lack of time.
I forget what outfits I've put together and liked and because
I don't have the time to put into it daily, I revert to the "easy."
So-this is also an attempt at a portfolio of cute outfits I like
that I can go to when I don't have the time but want
to look like I did.  
I think I'm going to make it a weekly post.
I had a ton of fun taking pics of my outfits and making
them into collages. In case you're wondering,
it's much easier for me to photograph the clothes off
me than on me....obviously.

Here we go.
Here's three outfits I wore this week and loved.
 This outfit was a no special occasion outfit.
I wore it on Wednesday to do all the normal stuff
I do on Wednesdays; housework, errands, kids, etc.
Easy, casual, comfortable but stylish.
I forgot to put on there that the scarf is vintage
from a thrift store many years ago.
The only new piece from this outfit is the shirt. 
I got it a couple months ago for $3.
All the rest I've had for years.
Oh and also the zipper bracelet...I made it for myself
this past week.
 This outfit I wore one night to go out with a friend
for some drinks. You will be seeing a lot of these
blue jeans. They were one of my trendy seasonal splurges
this year and I am LOVING them!
The pants and the flip flops were the only recent purchases
for this outfit. All the rest I've had for a long time...
I'm talking years. A side story to the red bracelet. This 
is OLD. I bought it with hard earned babysitting 
money when I was 14 years old. I remember riding
my bike to KMart to buy it....for $4.
That was in  1989!

 This is the outfit I wore to the fashion show on Tuesday.
I loved it and felt great in it.
The shirt is boobalicious in a non-slutty way.
This outfit is a great example of the type of
clothes you spend more money on because
they are classic pieces and will last for years and years.

The black shirt under the jacket is from Victoria's Secret.
I've had it for 10 years and it still looks brand new.
The jeans are J-Crew.....$7 from a thrift store.
They are my favorite jeans.
The jacket is the most expensive piece in my
wardrobe that I've ever purchased.
It is the softest leather you have ever touched.
I got it at Arden B about seven years ago for 
well over $100....and that was the sale price!
It is my favorite piece of clothing because I
always feel like a million bucks when I wear it.
Pair it with the necklace (my favorite one)
and it's enough to make me love drunk.

Those are my favorite outfits of the week.
I hope you enjoyed the peek into my closet :)
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~the best pound cake you'll ever have~

You want to know one of my favorite words?
I love it.
It's such a happy word.
Say it out loud.
My girlfriends and I take turns each month
hosting a brunch. It's something I look
forward to each month. A perfect excuse
to get out and do nothing but eat, drink and
be merry with some of my favorite gal pals.
We can talk and talk and talk and talk.
Let's just say we can put
"Hot Topics" on The View to shame! 

Lynsie had brunch at her house this month
and made the MOST delicious pound cake.
I have to share the recipe.
Trust will thank me later.

Recipe for Pound Cake

1 Cup butter
1/2 cup shortening 
3 Cups Sugar
-Cream the butter, shortening and sugar together.

5 eggs (1 at a time)
3 Cups flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 Cup milk
1 tsp vanilla

Beat until smooth.
Grease and flour bundt pan and pour
your batter into it. Bake at 300 degrees for 
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours.

Top with strawberries and whipped cream
Your mouth with thank you.
Your thighs and butt will NOT!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~Raw Couture-fashion show~

If you live in the Salt Lake area and love fashion,
check out Raw Couture.
SLCC Fashion Institute's annual fashion show
and it's TONIGHT!

It's always fun to see what the young, up and coming
designers will showcase each year. 
It seems like just yesterday that I was a student, 
featuring designs in the fashion show.
I should dig out my pictures, scan them and 
post them on here. Those were the days
before everything was digital.
It's come a long way since then.
This years theme is "Speed-Fashions That Move You" .

Tickets are $25 (cheaper if you have a student I.D.)
You can purchase them here.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

~DIY bridal shower gifts~

 Need a good idea for a bridal shower or wedding gift?
I made all this for my cousin's bridal shower for $25.
Some of the supplies I had on hand, which is why 
it was so cheap but even if you had to purchase them,
it would still be inexpensive. 

The theme of the bridal shower was
"let's help them fill the rooms of their house"
My room assignment was the living room.
I browsed thru their online registry at Target and Walmart
to give myself an idea of what their decorating colors 
and style will be. 

They are registered for shelves so I decided to 
give them things they could decorate their shelves with.
This is what I came up with:
 Photos printed onto tissue paper and mod-podged onto
canvas. SO EASY! I used some of their engagement pics.
If you want to learn how to do this check out the
tutorial at Sarah's Never-Ending Projects.
This one is a 5x7. I used the flat canvas because I wanted
to frame them. You can also use the wrapped canvas frames
if you prefer. The flat ones are cheaper. I got a
package of three for $3 at Michael's.
 This one is 11x14.
I was worried at first when my tissue paper wasn't
going on smooth but in the end I like the way it 
looks being a little wrinkled.
 Initially I tried to do it with red tissue paper
because I didn't have any plain white and I didn't 
want to go buy any but it didn't look good on the 
bigger canvas's. So-with the red picture I had already printed,
I mod-podged onto a wooden "N" I got at
Michael's for $1.50. It looks better in real life.
The photo is very subtle and the red gives it a 
a nice pop of color.
 Another shot of the items they can put on their shelves.
I got the ivy plant at Walmart and put it in a small red
mug so it will fit on a small shelf. I paid $4.50 for the
plant and the mug combined. Also-the subway
art was purchased as Walmart for $3.50.
I almost didn't give it to her because I want
to keep it for my house. Maybe I'll go back and get one.

 This throw pillow was made with fabric scraps
I had on hand. To get the "N" monogrammed on the
pillow I used tape to mark off an "N" and then
lightly spray painted the fabric. Once the paint
was dry I pulled the tape off and voila...
I had an "N". I was going to use piping for
the edges but didn't want to go back to the 
store to get any so I just used red fabric I had
here to make a ruffled edge.

 I like to give newlywed couples
an ornament for their first Christmas.
That's what was in this package:
The package is an empty container of baby snack puffs
wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.
I put some tissue paper in it and nestled the 
ornament right in the middle of it.
Again, I used one of their engagement photos
to fill the bulb, some feathers and a saying about love. 
I had all these on hand.

If you want more info about making the
ornaments, you can click here

I was so happy with how everything turned out and I think
she did too. If you like the look of pictures
on canvas but don't want to spend a ton of
money doing it, this is the way to go!
I'm going to do some for my house next.
I can't wait!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~good mascara~

Most women have a make-up item they
CANNOT live without.
Mine is mascara.
And let me tell ya....
I've tried a lot of them out there. 

Mascara is tricky for me because
 it needs to go on thick,
last all day and not smudge under my
eyes. That last part is a bit tricky because
I have to wear lots of concealer nowadays
to cover up those gawd-awful bags
under my eyes. 

Here's my current mascara:
"they're Real!"

Goes on thick.
Stays on all day.

The end of the applicator took some getting 
used to for me. The first couple times I used it
I poked myself in the eye....
that resulted in a great raccoon look!

I have had problems with it smudging
but it doesn't happen each time.
It DOESN'T smudge more often
than it DOES smudge....if that 
accounts for anything???
It will cost you about $25.
A price I'm willing to pay if it 
does all I need it to do and wears
throughout the day with no smudging. 

Next I'm going to try DIOR mascara.
I've heard that's good.
Have any of you tried it?
What is your favorite mascara?
(and if you tell me the $6 Maybeline Great Lash
I'm going to scream-I've tried it and it
doesn't work for me. It seems to be a 
favorite for a lot of women.) 

By the way.....
I always keep this mascara as a back up:

 Mary Kay's
"Lash Love"
It's in the $12 range and actually
works so good that I don't know why
I keep trying new mascaras. 

What's in your make-up bag?
And if you believed my statement about mascara
being the one make-up item I can't live without,
you give me too much credit.
In reality.....
...THIS is all the stuff I can't live without :)

 Ok-not really but sort of.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Remember The Birthday Blog I was telling
you about last week?
Check it out......
She featured my pirate party (click here)
and cupcake toppers (click here).
If you have a birthday party in the near future
and need some ideas-check out this blog.

Thank you Stacy for featuring me!
I love your blog!


~baby shower brunch~

Last Saturday I had a little get-together 
for a good friend who's 
pregnant with her 2nd baby.
Because it's her 2nd baby and another boy,
she didn't want another baby shower.
However, I was able to talk her into an
intimate little brunch, celebrating her 
and her soon to arrive baby :)

At first I was thinking I would do fancy and
pretty. I had all sorts of great ideas but as
the time got closer, I decided to go with
a bright, cheery and youthful decor instead.
 A good friend of ours made these cute place
setting cards with her new Silhouette machine....
JEALOUS! Aren't they adorable?
I made the holder with a couple blocks
from my kids' toy stash. I just glued them together
and attached a clothes pin to the back with
a dab of hot glue.
 I made these jars filled with goodies 
for each lady to take home with her. 
A small mason jar adorned with fabric scraps
and a baby's safety pin. I found the 
cute safety pins at the dollar store.
They were filled with brownie bites and 
chocolate dipped macaroons. 
 I used all my plain white plates for the
settings and I realized once I got the table
set up that I didn't have any more for the 
3-tiered tray I was going to put the food on.
I had to do a little improv....
I took some colored tissue paper I had on 
hand and covered the plates (that didn't match)
before placing the food on them. It ended up 
looking alright once I got the food on the trays.
I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the food!
I served quiche, hash-brown casserole, croissants,
carrot cake-cream cheese filled muffins and fruit. 

For the table decorations I used bright colored
toys from my kids :) cheap and easy. 

I made these fabric scrap covered styrofoam balls
and attached them to a dowel to put in with 
the flowers. I liked the simplistic statement 
they made incorporated with the white tulips. 
 I used my plain white table ware for the settings
and topped each plate off with an individual little 
fruit cup. I used fabric scraps I had on hand
for ALL of these things.

 I got this book and had each guest sign it
with a personalized message. LOVED this idea
instead of signing a guest book.

For the finishing touches on the window behind
the table I put these ADORABLE medallions
made by my friend and her famous 
Silhouette machine. Have I mentioned how
badly I want to get my hands on one of them? 

 To make the bunting strung across the window,
I went to the dollar store and got a colorful kids book.
The book was Dumbo. I used
the pages to make the bunting and I didn't feel
so badly about ripping up a perfectly good book
because it was only a dollar. The illustrations
and colors were exactly what I had in mind 
when I envisioned the project initially.

 It ended up being exactly what we
intended when we planned it.....
small, intimate, laid back and celebratory. 
We missed you ladies who couldn't be with us
(you know who you are).
Megan-thank you so much for your help with 
the decorations.....they were PERFECT!

Congrats Adrianne and Dom!
We can't wait to meet the little fella. 

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