Friday, December 30, 2011

~My Christmas table~

Last week I hosted a couple different Christmas brunches.
I love setting a pretty table. 
If it was realistic I would for every meal but
with two little kids we're lucky some days just
to have a meal prepared and on the table at dinner time....
let alone a pretty table setting to accompany it.

The first brunch was with a couple of my girlfriends.
Have a look:

 For the place setting cards I personalized each one
with different pictures of the three of us.
I wrote notes to each of them on the back of the cards.
I got these little bulbs that hold them at Michael's a
couple years ago. They were a dollar for 2 of them. 
The little boxes next to their plates are holding 
the zipper bracelets that I made for them.

 The vases I filled with red bulbs that a good friend gave to me.
I love the look of a vase filled with bulbs like this.
 The set of bulbs she gave me has heart shaped bulbs
too that I use on Valentines Day (you'll see).

 I served mini quiches baked in green peppers.
Not much to look at but they are DEEELISH!
I'm going to be putting a recipe for those up
here next week. I also served sliced and grilled
portobello mushrooms, fruit and danish.
And let us not forget the most important part.....
I even wrote a little note to myself.

Two days later we had our annual Christmas brunch with
some good friends of ours.
I didn't go as fancy this time because we had
kids involved. 

 For this I mixed and matched with two different 
sets of tableware. My plain white set and my Christmas set.
 I made these little stocking silverware cozies 
years and years ago for our first Christmas brunch with them.
Each of them are different and I have to chuckle when
I think of that first year and how far my 
table settings have come since then.

For the place card settings I used the pine cones again.
Remember them from my Thanksgiving table? 
These have proven to come in very handy.

I'm thinking of dressing the table nice and serving
a nice dinner for New Year's Day with my little family.
I think maybe we'll start a new tradition with it.
It will give us a good opportunity to discuss
the year passed, the year before us and the
resolutions we may or may not have.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Don't forget....January is going to be my
"Make momma a priority" month.
Throughout the month I am going to be posting
changes I am making to make my life more
balanced and make myself a priority too. 
You will see:
wardrobe issues and ideas,
beauty tips,
deep thoughts,
maybe even a fun little giveaway :)....
hmm-I wonder what it could be.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~girls activity dolly~

I got a set of onesies for my little girl when
she was born that were absolutely adorable.
I LOVED the print and the colors of them together
and I couldn't bear to part with them when 
she outgrew them. I just had to find something
to do with them. A couple days ago I
decided to make her a dolly for Christmas 
with these onesies. 

I will put a full tutorial up here after Christmas
but for now I'm just going to show you the doll.
I have to first say that when I initially cut it
out and laid it out before sewing, it looked like this:
Cute isn't it?
Well-when I sewed it together something happened....
it S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D. ended up looking like this:

I still think she turned out cute but
I liked the look of it better before it stretched.

I call it an activity doll because she can:
Snap the heart on and off.
Braid her pony's.
Stick the blankie on and off with Velcro.
And tie the belt after she takes off the skirt.
(Look close...dolly has a muffin top like momma :)

Even though it stretched, I am still happy with it.
The only thing I'm not too fond of is the arms.
They stretched all weird. They look like a swan neck
and head. Anyway-I think my little lady will 
enjoy this. Check back next week for a tutorial.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

~zipper bracelets~

Remember the jewelry I was telling you about the other day?
Want to see it now?
I thought so......
Bracelets out of cute is that?
 I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew 
immediately that I would be making a few
for Christmas gifts this year.

Next week I'll put a tutorial up here so you can 
make one of these little lovelies for yourself.

Cute with a shot of edginess.
Just what I like :)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Daddy~last minute gift idea

Need a last minute gift idea for your husband?
Check this out:
I made this for my husband today.
I saw the saying a couple months ago and 
knew immediately I wanted to do something with it.
I thought about putting it with a cute picture of
him and the kids but couldn't get a picture that
would look good without being completely
obvious. So....I ended up taking his work boots
and lining them up with our kids' little John Deere boots.
I absolutely adore the way it turned out.
I like the boots more so than I would have
a picture of them together. Somehow, to me
the boots make it even more personal than 
a picture of them all together would have.

So-to make this I lined up the boots and took the picture
out on the deck. Once I got the picture I wanted,
I edited it a little in Picasa. I played around with
the color and saturation a little, added the glow
feature to it and inserted the text.
I had it printed up at the 1 hour photo at Walgreen's
and bought a mat at Michael's crafts.
I wanted to put it in a frame in the living room
that was already on the wall with an old pic in
 it. So-I took the old picture out, replaced it with this, 
wrapped it up and hung it back on the wall.
Think he'll notice?
I figure this will be less obvious than an empty
spot on the wall with a nail sticking out.

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~zippidy do-da~

 I have been making jewelry all day.
Well-in the free moments I could steal away
from the kids and the household duties.
I can't show you what I made yet but
I'll give you a peak:
I can't wait to show you.
I can't wait to give them away.
Tutorial coming soon along with pictures of
the real things...

Time now to put away the jewelry making supplies
and dig out the sewing machine. Seriously....
I'm getting down to the wire here.
Tomorrow is going to be a sewing marathon.
(after I go to the post office...ughhh!)
Dependent of course on two little ones and how
much they are willing to cooperate with my plans 
for tomorrow. My little lady is sick :(
Poor baby. I'm just praying this cold doesn't 
turn into anything worse. Tis the season eh?

Monday, December 19, 2011

~elf treats~

Around our house Santa's elf's have been
leaving little surprises all month long.
Next to the cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve,
we will be leaving a treat like this for the elf's:
Elf donuts!
How cute is that?
These were one of the first things I 
 pinned on Pinterest. 
They are actually cheerios.

And how is it that I've never heard of 
this "Elf on the shelf"  stuff before?
I love the idea.
I only wish I would have heard about it
before last week :(
Next year for sure.

For those of you who don't know what it is,
it's a book you get that has a little elf with it.
I guess you let your kid name the elf and the 
elf reports to Santa whether your kids have
been naughty or nice. You move him to
a different spot each night after the kids go
to bed and the kids get to find him each day.

Well-folks....I've got about 3 big projects calling my name.
And I don't have any elf's to assist me.
Gotta dash.....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

~speed reading ~

I've been wanting to read these books
for awhile now. I see trailers for the movie
coming out soon and figured that was the
kick in the butt I needed to get started.
I'm starting this tonight. 
I've got to read the book before I see the movie.
Do you prefer to read the books or see
the movies first?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

~zipper purse~

My little lady loves purses and she loves zippers.
What better gift for her than a purse 
made solely out of zippers?
I whipped it up the other night.
Literally, in like 20 minutes.

Before I show you the pics let me explain the
colors. YES...I would have preferred to 
do this with a combo of pink, red and orange
zippers BUT I didn't want to spend
much $$$ on this. My husband found
20 zippers on e-bay for a couple bucks-
not the most beautiful colors-but hey...
for that kind of money you can't be too picky right?

 See-I wasn't exaggerating about the colors.
Anywho...this was so simple.
Just lay out your zippers and overlap each one
by about a 1/4".  You'll also want to alternate
the direction of the ends of the zippers when
you lay these out. It makes it a whole lot 
easier to sew together and it's not as bulky.
I have no idea why I didn't think to take pics.
Sorry. Duh.

You can use any size zippers you want, 
depending on however big or small you want
your purse. Just make sure they are all the same size.
You can also use as many as you want.
I used 7 to do this purse. 
I think mine were 9" zippers.

So, after you get them all sewn together, 
just fold them over (right sides together) and
sew up the side. Unzip one of the zippers
to now turn right side out. You're done.
Easy as that.

Perfect size for her little hands.
Have I ever mentioned that my little lady
has freakishly good hand eye coordination?
I have no doubt she can already maneuver 
these zippers at the age of 1.
I think she's gonna love it.

~mason jars....Christmas style~

Remember the mason jars I decorated with
at Thanksgiving....well-I've used them again 
for Christmas. I wasn't lying when I said
I use them all the time. 
I have so many Christmas decorations and
I just didn't have the energy to go all out 
this year. I decided to decorate a few areas in
the house and call it good. This is the shelf
in my living room which the jars are currently 
sitting on....with a whole bunch of other glitzy
garb. Can you tell I like gawdy?
The colors I chose to decorate with this year were
I threw in pine cones and some twine in an 
attempt to give it that shabby chic look.
A good friend gave me a bunch of beautiful crosses
last year that I also threw into the mix. 
I also decorate with these crosses at Easter.
I have quite a few of them.

My china hutch.
More of the same.
Sofa table behind my couch.
Didn't take picture of the whole thing????

Above my couch I strung a piece of the hemp string
and wrapped gold glitzies around it then hung
silver and gold ornaments from it.

Then we have the tree....
which we had to put in the corner up on 
our trunk so our little lady can't reach it.
This is not blue/green/silver/gold....
it is traditional colors with all of our
sentimental and meaningful ornaments on it.
I didn't even bother putting my fancy ornaments
that are all matching and proper.
Somehow, I have discovered that the ornaments
marking my kids' first Christmas or those
ornaments made for us by them are more
beautiful than any 'ol glass and beaded 
ornament I've ever seen.
Another thing that's traditional flavored...
My Mom has made everyone in the family
a stocking. She's made them one by one over
the years as our family has grown and EVERY
SINGLE person in the family has a
hand made stocking from Mom.
It's one of my favorite things she has ever made me.
The lights are up.
The tree is trimmed.
Stockings are hung.
Looks like I need to get started on those projects huh?
Tomorrow I'll start....for real this time.

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