Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~window fashion~

I've never shown y'all the curtains I 
made for my kitchen have I?

The first was a set I made for our french doors.
I really needed to introduce some bold prints
into my house in a bad way and these curtains
were the kick in the butt I needed.
I knew when I saw the fabric I HAD to have it!
I should have taken pics this past summer
when the view was beautiful trees instead of
dreary winter weather.
Very basic.
Very easy.
I basically just made a panel that was the length
of the window and sewed a casing at the bottom
to slide the tension rod into.
 The band in the center is removable.
I take them off at night.
The band is secured with Velcro in the back.
I love the pop of energy it gave the room.
I decided to carry it thru into my living room
with a small area rug that is the same print. 
 The view from my living room.
 The view from outside the french doors.

I also made some cafe-type curtains for my kitchen window.
Years ago I ripped a picture out of a 
magazine of a shelf over a kitchen window
with curtains attached to it.  
My husband and I have been searching for
a shelf the right size since then.
No luck.
We finally decided to just make one ourselves. 
 Another bold print.
I actually first got this fabric for some throw pillows
on my living room couch. I had enough left over
to make these curtains.  
I would have preferred to introduce some brighter
colors but without changing my flooring, fixtures,
etc. it just wouldn't have been very cohesive. 
I'm loving all the greys, yellows, oranges, blues
and bright happy colors that are big right now
BUT....again. It will not mesh with the 
BONES of my house. So-this was the best I
could get. It allows me to introduce some
pops of red and blue into the mix without
them sticking out like a sore thumb.    
I've tried taking pics at different times in the day 
to see if I can get a better picture and I'm not having
any luck with it. I think you get the point though. 
Again, I made the curtains the length and width
I wanted with a casing at the top for a tension rod.
I placed the tension rod directly behind the shelf.
I close them at night and open them in the day....
or whenever my neighbor's dog is doing disgusting
stuff in their back yard and I don't want to see it.
 We made the shelf with a piece of wood and some
brackets. We got all the supplies at Lowe's for 
about $20. It was the exact look I had in mind. 
 It's amazing what curtains can do to finish off a room.
I think my next project with the kitchen will be
a tile back splash and cabinet front re-do's.
Maybe this next year?

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