Thursday, December 1, 2011

~kid's stuffed something or other?~

When I do projects, I always have the end result in mind.
In my mind the end result is generally 
"best case scenario".
Let's just say this about the project I'm
about to show you.......
the end result in my head got lost in translation
somewhere between cutting out 
sewing this together
(and we'll add in: knowing when to stop!)
I'll give you two guesses for what it's suppose to be.
1-no it's not a green mrs. pac-man
2-no it's not sponge bob square pants long lost sister

I wanted to sew an owl doll for my little lady's 1st 
birthday. I didn't have a pattern (as usual) and I
just winged it. When am I going to learn?

After I finished it, I asked my husband,
"What do you think this is?"
He gave me the deer in the headlights look,
knowing that I had just asked a loaded question.
This is the equivalent of asking your husband
if you look fat in a certain outfit.
Once the glaze melted out of his eyes, he said,
"Uh....a square little doll."
My response,
"You can't tell it's an owl?"
" that you tell me."
(smart man....way to recover!)
So-now that you know what exactly this is 
SUPPOSE to you want to know how to make it?

Yeah-that's what I thought.....
I'm going to show you anyway.

First off-cut out your pieces.
(no pics for this first part)
May I recommend making the body of the owl more
bulbous at the bottom. This would have made all 
the difference if I had done so.
You will need to cut out:
I used scraps I had on hand.

The next step is to sew the face onto the front of the owl.
(be sure to do this BEFORE you sew the owl together)

Now sew your feet together and stuff them with
a little bit of polyfil. Sew them to the bottom of
the legs.
 Now we are ready to start constructing this thing.

Take the legs and pin them to the bottom of the owl.
You'll want to pin them in the up position onto the
RIGHT side of the fabric like this:
Next, place the back side of the fabric onto this and pin
in place, leaving an opening to pull it thru and fill with stuffing.
Like this:
The opening:
(pins that are in a different direction are my "stop sign" .
Once you have that sewn together (1/2 " seam allowance)
you want to pull the legs thru and turn it right side out.
It will look something like this:
Next go ahead and iron it and stuff it.
(this was about the time I realized it wasn't looking like an owl)
After you get the amount of stuffing in you want,
you can either sew the opening together by hand
or with the machine if you have enough
allowance to get it under your pressure foot.
I decided to go all the way around it with a top stitch.
I thought it would make it look a little better????
(Hey-I was grasping for anything at this point!)

Once that was done and it still looked weird I decided to stitch triangles onto the ears
and then stitch down the legs
and then a bow on top of it's head
and then
....I finally realized that this project was turning
into one of those times when you are going out
and you want to look hot but your hair isn't 
going the way you want so you keep spraying
it and dinking around with it and then when it still
looks like crap you decide it must be your make-up so 
you add more eyeliner and mascara and by the time
you realize it's just too much and you need to step
away from the mirror the end result is......
.......a raccoon who put their finger in a light socket.
(whew....that was a long explanation....
and I know a total run-on sentence.)
I decided to turn off the sewing machine light and
call it good.....or at least the best I could do with this
at the time :)
I hope yours turns out better than mine.
My little lady likes it anyway.....
now that's love right there :)


Jolie said...

I saw it in person, and knew immediately that it was an owl!!!! And the babe really does love this. I thought it was adorable!! Your tutorials are getting good :)

Where did you find my high school graduation picture anyway???? I thought I destroyed all the "raccoon eyes" evidence.

paula said...

Jolie....LOL about the high school picture!
And also....if my memory serves me correctly, I believe you said, "Well-I was going to GUESS that it's an owl." That doesn't exactly mean it LOOKS like an owl. LOL :)

Dawn said...

I could tell it was an owl. And all that matters is that your cute girl loves it.
If you ever want to try again, my friend has made a bunch and she has a free pattern on her blog.

Amanda said...

I still think its cute. And for the record I knew it was an owl the second little lady opened it. Super cute, I love the fabrics. The best part is that she loves it so much its too cute!!

Tracy said...

It's a Cute HOOT! :)
HOO wouldn't love it?

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