Friday, December 30, 2011

~My Christmas table~

Last week I hosted a couple different Christmas brunches.
I love setting a pretty table. 
If it was realistic I would for every meal but
with two little kids we're lucky some days just
to have a meal prepared and on the table at dinner time....
let alone a pretty table setting to accompany it.

The first brunch was with a couple of my girlfriends.
Have a look:

 For the place setting cards I personalized each one
with different pictures of the three of us.
I wrote notes to each of them on the back of the cards.
I got these little bulbs that hold them at Michael's a
couple years ago. They were a dollar for 2 of them. 
The little boxes next to their plates are holding 
the zipper bracelets that I made for them.

 The vases I filled with red bulbs that a good friend gave to me.
I love the look of a vase filled with bulbs like this.
 The set of bulbs she gave me has heart shaped bulbs
too that I use on Valentines Day (you'll see).

 I served mini quiches baked in green peppers.
Not much to look at but they are DEEELISH!
I'm going to be putting a recipe for those up
here next week. I also served sliced and grilled
portobello mushrooms, fruit and danish.
And let us not forget the most important part.....
I even wrote a little note to myself.

Two days later we had our annual Christmas brunch with
some good friends of ours.
I didn't go as fancy this time because we had
kids involved. 

 For this I mixed and matched with two different 
sets of tableware. My plain white set and my Christmas set.
 I made these little stocking silverware cozies 
years and years ago for our first Christmas brunch with them.
Each of them are different and I have to chuckle when
I think of that first year and how far my 
table settings have come since then.

For the place card settings I used the pine cones again.
Remember them from my Thanksgiving table? 
These have proven to come in very handy.

I'm thinking of dressing the table nice and serving
a nice dinner for New Year's Day with my little family.
I think maybe we'll start a new tradition with it.
It will give us a good opportunity to discuss
the year passed, the year before us and the
resolutions we may or may not have.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Don't forget....January is going to be my
"Make momma a priority" month.
Throughout the month I am going to be posting
changes I am making to make my life more
balanced and make myself a priority too. 
You will see:
wardrobe issues and ideas,
beauty tips,
deep thoughts,
maybe even a fun little giveaway :)....
hmm-I wonder what it could be.

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