Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Daddy~last minute gift idea

Need a last minute gift idea for your husband?
Check this out:
I made this for my husband today.
I saw the saying a couple months ago and 
knew immediately I wanted to do something with it.
I thought about putting it with a cute picture of
him and the kids but couldn't get a picture that
would look good without being completely
obvious. So....I ended up taking his work boots
and lining them up with our kids' little John Deere boots.
I absolutely adore the way it turned out.
I like the boots more so than I would have
a picture of them together. Somehow, to me
the boots make it even more personal than 
a picture of them all together would have.

So-to make this I lined up the boots and took the picture
out on the deck. Once I got the picture I wanted,
I edited it a little in Picasa. I played around with
the color and saturation a little, added the glow
feature to it and inserted the text.
I had it printed up at the 1 hour photo at Walgreen's
and bought a mat at Michael's crafts.
I wanted to put it in a frame in the living room
that was already on the wall with an old pic in
 it. So-I took the old picture out, replaced it with this, 
wrapped it up and hung it back on the wall.
Think he'll notice?
I figure this will be less obvious than an empty
spot on the wall with a nail sticking out.

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Jolie said...

awe :)
good photography girl!
you could sell those!

(does he read this blog?)

Tracy said...

I'd love to be a fly on that wall to see his face when he opens your Heart-felt gift! Priceless!! :)

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