Saturday, December 17, 2011

~zipper purse~

My little lady loves purses and she loves zippers.
What better gift for her than a purse 
made solely out of zippers?
I whipped it up the other night.
Literally, in like 20 minutes.

Before I show you the pics let me explain the
colors. YES...I would have preferred to 
do this with a combo of pink, red and orange
zippers BUT I didn't want to spend
much $$$ on this. My husband found
20 zippers on e-bay for a couple bucks-
not the most beautiful colors-but hey...
for that kind of money you can't be too picky right?

 See-I wasn't exaggerating about the colors.
Anywho...this was so simple.
Just lay out your zippers and overlap each one
by about a 1/4".  You'll also want to alternate
the direction of the ends of the zippers when
you lay these out. It makes it a whole lot 
easier to sew together and it's not as bulky.
I have no idea why I didn't think to take pics.
Sorry. Duh.

You can use any size zippers you want, 
depending on however big or small you want
your purse. Just make sure they are all the same size.
You can also use as many as you want.
I used 7 to do this purse. 
I think mine were 9" zippers.

So, after you get them all sewn together, 
just fold them over (right sides together) and
sew up the side. Unzip one of the zippers
to now turn right side out. You're done.
Easy as that.

Perfect size for her little hands.
Have I ever mentioned that my little lady
has freakishly good hand eye coordination?
I have no doubt she can already maneuver 
these zippers at the age of 1.
I think she's gonna love it.

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Peach said...

OMGoodness. My girl would LOVE this! I need to learn to sew! Good idea!

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