Sunday, December 11, 2011

~inspiration and a pirate party~

In preparation for the Momma 
makeover I'm going to do in January,
I've been browsing Pinterest and other
blogs for ideas and inspiration.
There is some AMAZING stuff out there!

-BUT- seems like the more I look at, the more I
lose my own insight and inspiration. 
I need to lay off the Internet for a bit and
get back to the basics.....
-my dress form
-my sewing machine
-my style, ideas and creativity

I want to hurry and finish all my Christmas projects
so I can start with the fun stuff :)
(can you tell I've had enough of kids stuff for awhile?)

SO...that being said,
let me show you the pirate party we had for my
little guy based SOLELY on other people's
ideas I found off the Internet.

These first pics are of the main table for the 
kids to sit at:
disclaimer: my pics are NOT good.
I was scrambling before the party to get them.

I decorated the living room too.....
didn't get any pics other than this: 
 We did a treasure hunt outside with the kids.
At each station we did a game after which they 
received a little piece that slowly transformed them
into a pirate (i.e. hat, patch, earring, etc.) 
We tried to decorate the deck like a ship
and I only took one picture of it....
and the picture is NOT good but I'll share it anyway.

 After the treasure hunt we came back inside to 
do presents and cake and ice cream.

 The work was worth it....
the kids all had a great time
and our little guy will be talking
about it for a long time.
Which is a good thing because it's 
going to be awhile before we do another
one of these.
At least one of this magnitude.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

AAAARRRGGGHHH! Looks like yer Boy got the Best Bday EVER! Mama know's what good 'Pirate Booty' is!! Looks like you covered all the details, Matey. Good job!

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