Sunday, December 18, 2011

~speed reading ~

I've been wanting to read these books
for awhile now. I see trailers for the movie
coming out soon and figured that was the
kick in the butt I needed to get started.
I'm starting this tonight. 
I've got to read the book before I see the movie.
Do you prefer to read the books or see
the movies first?


Jolie said...

too a.d.d. to read right now....
movies at this moment.

you need to talk to lynsie about this series!

Megan said...

I always try to read the books before the movie. But i haven't read these and really want to see the movie. This little trick ALWAYS (okay almost always) backfires on me because I end up loving the book and not liking the movie. Actually The Help is probably one of the few exceptions to this. Loved both.

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