Saturday, December 24, 2011

~girls activity dolly~

I got a set of onesies for my little girl when
she was born that were absolutely adorable.
I LOVED the print and the colors of them together
and I couldn't bear to part with them when 
she outgrew them. I just had to find something
to do with them. A couple days ago I
decided to make her a dolly for Christmas 
with these onesies. 

I will put a full tutorial up here after Christmas
but for now I'm just going to show you the doll.
I have to first say that when I initially cut it
out and laid it out before sewing, it looked like this:
Cute isn't it?
Well-when I sewed it together something happened....
it S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D. ended up looking like this:

I still think she turned out cute but
I liked the look of it better before it stretched.

I call it an activity doll because she can:
Snap the heart on and off.
Braid her pony's.
Stick the blankie on and off with Velcro.
And tie the belt after she takes off the skirt.
(Look close...dolly has a muffin top like momma :)

Even though it stretched, I am still happy with it.
The only thing I'm not too fond of is the arms.
They stretched all weird. They look like a swan neck
and head. Anyway-I think my little lady will 
enjoy this. Check back next week for a tutorial.

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Jolie said...

2 things!!!
1~ this is probably one of my most fav things you've made. there is so much love and fun combined in this doll, and she is ADORE!!! i think that i like it so much because i always wanted something like this. i would have played with it for hours and really cherished it. i know the babe with feel the same way :) [even the swan arms are precious]

2~ the fact that you wrote this post means you were not sleeping! you had strict orders to sleep dammit!

Amanda said...

I think its adorable. The moment I saw those onsies I knew you would love them. I'm glad they get to live on forever..

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