Tuesday, December 6, 2011

nook storage pouch

Check out the storage pouch I made for my cousin's Nook:
 It fits like a glove and she said she loves it.
She just throws it in her purse and doesn't have
to worry about it getting scratched or dirty.

 This was EASY!
Basically just take the measurements,
add some length and width for the seam allowance,
sew together,
turn right side out,
sew up the sides.
I took all the pictures for the tutorial.
If you're interested let me know,
I'll go back and post it.

This almost makes me want to buy an
electronic book reader.
Do you do electronic or old school?
I'm still old school....

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Jolie said...

cute! cute!!!
some young guy in my house is receiving a nook for xmas....i should have consulted you for the cover before i paid $20!!!
I'm sure Amanda loves it! It's so stylish.

Amanda said...

Its freaking awesome! I love it a lot! Thanks so much for making it for me Paula, otherwise I might have had to break out the sewing machine myself, and you know that could have been scary. They just don't make anything as simple as this to just tuck it away and protect it. I mean really, its not like I'm gonna chuck it against a wall or something, it just needed a cover! Thanks a million, luv ya.

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