Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~zippidy do-da~

 I have been making jewelry all day.
Well-in the free moments I could steal away
from the kids and the household duties.
I can't show you what I made yet but
I'll give you a peak:
I can't wait to show you.
I can't wait to give them away.
Tutorial coming soon along with pictures of
the real things...

Time now to put away the jewelry making supplies
and dig out the sewing machine. Seriously....
I'm getting down to the wire here.
Tomorrow is going to be a sewing marathon.
(after I go to the post office...ughhh!)
Dependent of course on two little ones and how
much they are willing to cooperate with my plans 
for tomorrow. My little lady is sick :(
Poor baby. I'm just praying this cold doesn't 
turn into anything worse. Tis the season eh?

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Jolie said...

2 words:

sorry the babe is sick :(

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