Saturday, February 4, 2017

~diy hand stamped valentines~

i've been making my own valentines since i can remember.
as a kid i would use whatever we had available at home...
which wasn't much some years. a few years back i came
across one i'd made way way way back and
i had used pink toilet paper! 
what the?
do you remember when they used to make colored t.p.?
do they still? 
my mom always made ours too.
i'm sure that's where the seeds were planted for me.
i still have some of them that my mom made me.
i treasure them. 
some years i've gone all out and made spectacular valentines.
this year, i decided to keep it least for 
the ones i'll send my parents and siblings.
i have bigger plans for my own lil family's valentines this year.
i saw this idea awhile ago (i can't remember where) and 
thought the kids would have fun doing it.
i like it because it was super easy and cheap.
 heart shaped stamps with empty toilet paper rolls.
it looks something like this:

 just take the toilet paper rolls and bend them to
the shape you want, dip them in your paint and stamp away!

we did a couple different projects with this.
my kids each stamped a 12 x 12 piece of paper
we stamped these onto some blank pink and red greeting cards.
(i got the blank cards at target for $1/package)
these are the valentines we'll send out to our family.

for an art project that will appeal to kids (and adults) of every age,
try this!
we all had a blast with this!
it was cheap, easy, and believe it or not...
easy to clean up. 
i highly recommend using the washable paints for easy clean-up.

hope you all have fun getting your valentines craft on!

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