Sunday, January 12, 2014

~Handmade Wire Swirl Rings~

 Sometimes my favorite creations happen when
I'm sitting with my supplies, pre-occupied with 
a phone conversation or something else and
I just start tinkering around. 
Like these: the rings I made for a few of my girlfriends
for Christmas gifts. 
It all started with this ring:
 I loved it so much I decided to go ahead 
and make a couple more. 
They literally took like 10 minutes to make.

They aren't the sturdiest or best quality and
they will for sure turn the finger green if 
they get wet. I don't want to buy high quality (expensive)
wire until I get my technique down better. 
I've made a few more since these and I get
a little better with each one. I'd love to learn 
how to spell out words or names with the wire. 

I go thru phases with my jewelry making. 
Right now I'm in a wire phase. I love all the
different ways it can be manipulated and transformed. 
Wait till you see the beautiful bracelets I
made with wire to go with these rings......
next time.
Hopefully within 2 months time but I wouldn't hold
your breath......just in case. 

Happy 2014 Heart-and-Sew'l Readers!
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