Monday, May 13, 2013

~easy studded earrings~

 I've been looking for pronged studs for a DIY 
project for a couple months. I'm not having 
any luck at my local craft/fabric stores and I 
think I'll have to break down and order them online.
In the search I did come across some cute 
studded the scrap-booking department
at Michael's. The only problem is they are stickers.
Despite the fact that they're stickers, 
they are actually really sturdy.
They won't work with what I was hoping for
but they will work for a bunch of other fun projects.
Like this:
       I made these fun little stud earrings by
gluing an earring back to the back of it with
a dab of E-6000. 

It took 1 minute. They've become a 
fun little staple in my accessories collection. 

Now that I have these fun studs, I have a few projects
lined up that need a lil bit of be-dazzle!      

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~teacher appreciation week-the rest of it~

 Have I mentioned yet that I am soooo
glad teacher appreciation week is over?
It kicked my butt.
Between the room parent responsibilities and
the projects I did for the committee responsibilities,
I was WIPED OUT by Friday evening.

Here's what my little guy gave his teacher
on Wednesday:
 A little mini rose bush with a trellis....
got it for $5.99 at our local market.
 Wednesday evening we went and decorated
the teacher lounge and stocked it with all sorts
of food, drinks, goodies and magazines.
These are some of the little sayings about teachers
that I made to go on the tables.   

 I took pictures of the lounge when we were done
but the pictures turned out not so great....
so you don't get pics of that :)
Just imagine a stocked fridge, counter tops full
of food, etc.  

This is what we gave my son's teacher 
on Thursday:   
 A "Smash Book" with this book mark:
 I got this free printable at 
Positively Splendid for the bookmark.
Click (here) to get yours. 
 I made a few of these little paper clips for the book too.

 We even did a page for her:
 She loved it.
I love Smash Books.....I call it the lazy
way to scrapbook. I've been doing books like
this for years.....who would have ever thought
a person could market it and make a ton of
money selling them? Wish I would have 
thought of that. was $12.

Friday we bought her lunch so we didn't 
give her a gift. 

Also....Friday I delivered these to the 
teacher's mailboxes at the school.    

 At the beginning of the week I made packets
for each teacher's class. In each of these packets
was a questionnaire for the students to fill out about
their teacher. A student from each class was in charge of
their teacher's packet and the student returned it
to the office after they were filled out. That way
the teachers didn't have to be involved and could
be surprised. Once I got all the packets back
I went thru them, picked out any that had 
negative comments on them (there were only
3 in the whole school), printed up a cover sheet
and put them in presentation folders. 

Some of the answers the kids wrote were hilarious.
Like this:

That's it until next year. 

As much as I just complained about how
time consuming and exhausting it all was,
it was worth it. I hope the teachers felt 
special and realize how much they are
appreciated for helping us with our little ones.
I seriously don't know how they do it.
Thank you teachers! 
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

~my momma~

 It's no secret that I have a slight obsession
with jewelry. I like to think it comes from
my Momma. I have so many wonderful pieces
of handcrafted jewelry by my Mom and I think
today is the PERFECT time to share them with you.
My Mom has always had great jewelry. 
Most of it she buys but a lot of it she makes too.
The reason you don't see her wearing her
handcrafted jewelry much is because she's
always giving it away to us girls after she makes us.
With 3 daughters and 1 daughter-in-law, who all
happen to love jewelry, she's got plenty of
people who will gladly showcase her work.

Mom has always given hand-made gifts to us.
Since we were babies.
A Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas 
without a hand made gift from Mom.
When my Grandma (my Mom's Mom) was still
alive, it was the many wonderful
handmade gifts. Always special.   
She passed it on to my Mom.
Mom passed it on to us.
Naturally, as we've grown older, the gift content
has changed, but the love and thought put into
the gifts never changes. At this point,
us girls know each Christmas we will 
receive a beautiful piece of jewelry made by Mom.
It's something that we all look forward to.
Since I don't live in the same state as they
do anymore, I am usually the last to get mine,
often times AFTER Christmas when we go up there.
I always tell my sisters on Christmas morning as
we're talking on the phone about what we got,
"Don't tell me what Mom made us this year.
I want to be surprised!" 

It's not only Christmas. It's birthdays, Easter,
Mother's Day or for no special reason at all other
than just because she loves us.
Over the years she has been the one to put the
creative spark in me to make jewelry. 
I never attempted until she started to. 
Have a look at some of my favorites:
       Turquoise and copper drop earrings.
A staple in my wardrobe. 
 Beautiful pearl and sterling silver bracelets.
We got the one without the charm two Christmas's
ago and the one with the charm last Christmas.
 Another staple in my wardrobe. 
Turquoise and silver bracelet.....
the big silver bead makes it a statement.  
She made this for Christmas 2010. 
 This turquoise bracelet with black fringe....
another favorite. Christmas 2011.
 Christmas 2006....perhaps the most special.
She made all of us girls a necklace like this.
The sterling silver pieces on it and pendant were from 
a necklace my Dad had given her, the last Christmas
before they divorced in 1990'ish.    
She kept it all those years because it meant
so much to her. She disassembled it piece by piece
and came up with this design for us.
It's one of my most treasured pieces.   

 This beautiful lariat. The picture
doesn't do it justice but the beads on it are
swarovski crystal and absolutely beautiful.
The beads are little probably took
her so long to string this. 
A birthday gift for me about 9 years ago.
I had shown her one in a catalog I wanted
that was $75. Mom's ended up being prettier and
much better quality.....and so thoughtful.    
 This beautiful set of red bracelets.
In person the color is so rich that they
look like velvet beads. We got these for Christmas
the past two years. If you can't tell by the pictures,
Mom buys high quality beads and supplies.
They never look cheap because they aren't.     
 She made me these beautiful red and sterling silver
earrings for my birthday 2012. Another staple.
 I LOVE big earrings. I love long earrings.
I love to wear a statement earring and 
no other jewelry. These are one of those.
Some gorgeous dangly earrings.
These are some of my favorites she's
ever made me.  They hang past my chin
and I love them :)  

 Lucite earrings......wear these ALL THE TIME
when I can't figure out what to wear with an outfit.
 Fun statement rings made with buttons. 
I wear these a lot when I go out. The little 
clear one with the bling in the center is my favorite. 

This is the charm bracelet she made that goes with
the black and silver necklace. 

This isn't even all of it.
There's more.
So much more.
Although not all of it fits into the "expensive"
category, they definately make my 

Though I do so across many miles,
I celebrate my Mom this weekend.
All that she has been and all that she ever
will be to me. All that she's taught me and
all that's she's passed down to me.  
Not only the wonderful MOTHER that she
is but also the amazing, strong, independent,
creative, fun, compassionate and loving 
WOMAN she is....and for teaching me
in the best way possible.....
I love you Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.
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