Monday, May 13, 2013

~easy studded earrings~

 I've been looking for pronged studs for a DIY 
project for a couple months. I'm not having 
any luck at my local craft/fabric stores and I 
think I'll have to break down and order them online.
In the search I did come across some cute 
studded the scrap-booking department
at Michael's. The only problem is they are stickers.
Despite the fact that they're stickers, 
they are actually really sturdy.
They won't work with what I was hoping for
but they will work for a bunch of other fun projects.
Like this:
       I made these fun little stud earrings by
gluing an earring back to the back of it with
a dab of E-6000. 

It took 1 minute. They've become a 
fun little staple in my accessories collection. 

Now that I have these fun studs, I have a few projects
lined up that need a lil bit of be-dazzle!      

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