Monday, June 10, 2013

~end of year memory book for teacher~

 I'm finally going to share a project with you that
has ended up being one of my favorites.
I made a book for my son's teacher with all the pics
I've been taking throughout the year. I was the 
room parent so I was able to take pictures at 
all of their parties and celebrations.
I made it thru Shutterfly because I had a code
for 40% off a photo book. Throughout the book
I included text from "Oh! The Places You'll Go" 
by Dr. Seuss......have a look:
pretend the kids don't all look like ghost children
with their faces blurred out. 

 I took individual pics of each student and had them 
sign their name above their picture. This really 
gave it a nice personal touch and made each and every
child feel involved in the process.

 The blank pages I added to the end were for the
graduation pics. Graduation and field day 
wasn't until the day before the last day of school 
(now that's a mouthful isn't it?) so I had to have those
printed at the one hour photo joint and stick
them onto the blank pages.

 I also included some blank pages for all the parents
to write a little note for her. The card above is from me.
I'm long winded and couldn't contain my 
note to just a few sentences.
 At the graduation I was secretly able to have every parent
(except 2) sign the book. This was the most special
touch to the book I thought :)

Above is the back of the book.
Below is the spine....obviously.
 My little guy was soooo excited to give it to her.

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She loved it and I have no doubt it will be 
something she keeps forever....just like 
my lil guy will keep her in his heart forever.
He LOVES his teacher and SOBBED
in my arms when he got home from school
on the last day. It's hard to show teachers
how important they are to us for loving 
and nurturing our kids. 
I felt like this book really did a good job
showing her how much we 
appreciate her. She sent me a very 
heartfelt text later that day telling
me how much it meant to her....
and made her shed a few tears.
Thank God for wonderful teachers.
With the 40% off coupon, the book
cost me about $32. Well worth it.
It took about 8 hours to make.
I didn't do it all in one sitting.....
a little here. a little there.
I'm printing one up for my lil guy with 
the graduation and field day pictures included.
I had the teacher write him a little note that
I can stick on the last page of his book
after I get it printed.  
He's going to love it.

Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!

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Jolie said...

You are amazing with acknowledging people with personal memory books!

She's a lucky teacher to have had you as room mother! You set the bar high....I feel bad for any other room mother from here on out...they will never be like the most awesome room mother "Paula"

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