Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~recycled hair pretties~

 I pull my hair up. A lot.
Like...almost everyday.
Especially in the summer.
It's just too hot to wear it down most days. 
I love a little bling in my hair and
I got this bright idea to refashion a couple 
of REALLY old barrettes that I haven't worn
for a long time. I haven't got rid of them because
I like the size....one is real big and the other is real small.
They were very plain and boring...which is why 
I rarely used them. Honestly-I'm shocked I've
kept them this long.

I took this:
 ...and turned it into this:

 My little guy took the pics and was so proud of himself.
"Ooh...this is a good one Mom."

The small barrette I didn't get a before picture of.
It was just a little, clear barrette. 
This is what it looks like now:

I wear this A LOT now.
I actually didn't have to use the E-6000 glue
for these. The embellishments already had an
adhesive on them and they stuck really well
to the barrettes. I found these embellishments
in the scrapbook section at Michael's.
They are scrapbook stickers! 
Who would have thought?

This is about the easiest refashion I have 
EVER done. And I figure all the hairspray
I use will just help to permanently affix 
these do-dads onto the barrette. 

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susie said...

CUTE!! And good job on the picture taking little man!!

Jolie said...

I saw this in your hair the other day at the movie and went to comment on how ROCKN AMAZING it was, but somewhere along the line i was distracted. love it paula! i may have to try to copy you :) the bun head i sport everyday is gtn old

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