Friday, August 31, 2012

~zipper bracelets for tweens~

 Remember all the August birthdays I told you about 
a couple weeks ago? Three more of my nieces had 
a birthday last week and this is what I sent them:
They've been asking for zipper bracelets for 
awhile now and I've finally got around to making
them for the girlies. I think they'll really like them.

 I added the little piece of ribbon to this one
because it's for my younger niece and I 
thought it would make it look a little 
more age appropriate.  

And to my other niece who had a birthday last week...
I sent kisses to heaven.
Miss you everyday Sissy.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

~first day of school interviews~

My little guy started Kindergarten on Monday.
We are trying to settle into a new schedule
and it's proving to be tricky and exhausting.
Honestly, I think it's the emotional part of
it that's making me exhausted. I thought I
was going to have a panic attack Monday, 
taking him to school. The days and months and years
of just being at home with him, doing what we want
have FLOWN BY. I can't believe we are already
at this point. 

I knew I wanted to do something 
special for his first day of school but couldn't 
come up with anything myself. 
I was browsing on Positively Splendid blog and
came across these free printables.

First Day of School Interviews.
She has them for every grade.
You can click (here) to check it out for yourself.

We filled it in that morning before school 
and I will put it in his folder for his 2012-2013
 school year mementos. I also marked his height
on our growth chart, another 
tradition I plan on doing each year.
If you haven't seen my growth chart, 
you can check it out (here).
(The pics and tutorial are real primitive-WARNING.
It's one of my first.)

I walked him into the school and acknowledged
in my head that it was time to surrender some of 
the control of who and what influences are
in his life on a daily basis.
Now I'm working on convincing my heart..... 
"Go confidently in the direction of 
your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
~Henry David Thoreau

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

~little girls wire heart bracelet-EASY GIFT~

 Four of my eight nieces have birthdays
less than two weeks apart from each other in August.
I made a littler version of my heart wire bracelet for
my niece's 4th birthday party.

To package it I had my kids trace their hands
on a piece of card stock and we poked holes
thru it where a bracelet would be worn.
We looped the bracelet thru the holes and 
the kids wrote her a little note. 
I decided to wrap the wire with a piece of
fabric to give it a more juvenile look.
I loved the way it turned out and I think she did too.

 We wrapped it in tissue paper and put a pretty ribbon on 
it and.....VOILA! 
Easy. Personal. Realistic. Unique.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

~the bounty of the Earth & a quickie recipe for vegies~

 I envy those who live in areas with a climate that allows
year round gardening. The process of gardening has
been something that I've learned to appreciate and
enjoy only in the past couple years. (Another, sign that
I'm growing up getting old?) Look at some of this
home grown goodness......
 This was my first beet crop ever.
They turned out so good!
Next year I will plant them a little earlier in the year
and a tad bit deeper in the ground.
 I wish I could say I grew this beauty.
My husband's aunt gave us a bucket of veggies
from her garden and this was in it. 
Our onions didn't fare so well this year.
They turned out to be rather small and sad :(
I think we need to plant them deeper next year.
 Alright, here comes the recipe for
the easiest and BEST side dish you can serve
with dinner. You can make a little or a lot depending 
on how many you have to feed. Also-you can put 
whatever veggies you prefer in it, but these seem
to be my go-to veggies because I usually have all
of them here on hand.
 Broiled Veggie Medley:

*Cut up in fairly big pieces and put in a baking pan:
-red potatoes
-any kind of pepper you want (in this I have anaheim & green belle)
*Drizzle olive oil over it and stir or shake veggies so
that they are all coated with the oil. Season with your 
favorite seasoning or spice. I used a combination of
garlic and italian seasonings.  

*Broil in oven, uncovered, on the bottom rack for
about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese
 the last couple minutes and let it melt. 

This pan of veggies is all HOMEGROWN!
I make this a lot but this pan was the best yet.

.....and we weren't the only ones enjoying our veggies: 

 I think snails are GROSS.
They love my lettuce.
I found this little creature in my lettuce harvest
while I was washing and cutting it. It was tiny tiny.
I just picked the final harvest of my lettuce.
I haven't had to buy lettuce from the store AT ALL this 
summer thanks to my garden. 

This little fellow kept me company on the deck 
a couple nights ago:
 I love katydid's. They are one of the funkiest looking bugs.
I had to run grab my camera and snap these pics so
I could show my little guy the next morning.
 My flowers right now:
 The sunflowers grow wild and HUGE in our flower gardens.
I adore them.
My husband hates them and wants to immediately
pull them out when he sees them starting to come up.
I like the wildflower, natural look in a garden and my
husband prefers the pristine, manicured look.
Since he does 99.9% of the outside work, he wins......
however, he keeps the sunflowers because he knows
how much I enjoy them. I need to take a picture of 
them outside and share with you so you can see 
how big they are this year. This picture
below is one of them in my house right now.
Can you see my hand behind it as a reference to

I hope your weekend is full of fun.
Enjoy these last few weeks of summer.
School will be starting soon and with it, the easy,
free days of summer will end.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

~thrifted treasures~

 As I've got older (and poorer) my Friday night activities
have changed DRASTICALLY. Gone are the days of
spending an hour "getting ready" just to go out
dancing and drinking into the wee hours. 

Now-many of my Friday nights are spent at my
local thrift store, searching for cheap treasures,
all in an effort to spend less than $10.
It's a thrill a minute.

OK-so maybe it's not a thrill a minute but 
it is FUN.....that moment when you spot your treasure,
 a beam of light comes down from the heavens, shining
on it, beckoning you to pick it up because it's
been waiting for you it's whole life.
The exhilaration of finding that
treasure after searching thru a bunch of crap
makes it all worth it.    

I found this treasure a couple weeks ago:
 For the bargain price of $4!
Aren't they to die for?

How cute is this wedge?
Plus-they make me like 3 inches taller.
Now that's what I'm talkin about.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

~wire heart bracelet inspired by "I Spy DIY"~

 Another blog I love is 
She also has a book. I will soon share with you
 the projects I did from her book.

Today I want to show you the bracelet I made
a couple weeks ago, inspired by her.
 The link to her blog above is for a ring she made
out of wire, I swear I've seen a bracelet too
but I can't find that link. I don't know how she gets
her wire so smooth and intricate....practice I guess.
I made a hook to go thru the heart to 
latch it onto my wrist.

 I finished it off by wrapping the wire around itself.

I've been wearing it everyday, stacked with my other 
wrist baubles :) I think I'll try the ring next....or
maybe adding a charm to it.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~Faux Lace Tank-DIY inspiration from PS i made this~

 In the past I've always re-vamped shirts and clothes
by cutting them up, changing the shape, or making them 
something else entirely. I've recently discovered how
much fun it is to re-vamp clothes with fabric paint.

I saw this idea at "P.S. I Made This"
and knew I had to do it.....pronto!


Cute isn't it?
It was so easy. 
I got the tank at Michael's for $4.
The fabric spray paint was on clearance for $3.
I used a lace shirt I had in my closet that I haven't worn
for awhile. It was too tight and I felt roly poly in it.
 I cut the front section off like this
so I could lay it over the front of the tank:
Then I placed this piece over the tank top.
Be sure to have cardboard or something in between
the front and back of the shirt or the paint will soak thru.
Now spray.
Remove the piece of lace and let dry.
Up close:
That's it!
Check out the one she made at
(click above to be directed).
Hers is way cuter and more detailed than mine.
And if you haven't browsed thru her blog
at her fun DIY's, you should.....
there are so many fun ideas.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

~black cascading necklace~

 I've been in a jewelry making state of mind lately.
I've made lots.
I know I keep saying, "I've been making tons
of projects....I'll share them with you soon."
Mostly clothes and jewelry.....
I'm really going to try this week to start sharing them.
 What do you think of this beauty?
I made this one night last week when I couldn't sleep.
This was just the beginning....

 I've made 3 other necklaces since this one.
 ....and 3 shirts....
come back tomorrow to see one of them.
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