Friday, August 17, 2012

~the bounty of the Earth & a quickie recipe for vegies~

 I envy those who live in areas with a climate that allows
year round gardening. The process of gardening has
been something that I've learned to appreciate and
enjoy only in the past couple years. (Another, sign that
I'm growing up getting old?) Look at some of this
home grown goodness......
 This was my first beet crop ever.
They turned out so good!
Next year I will plant them a little earlier in the year
and a tad bit deeper in the ground.
 I wish I could say I grew this beauty.
My husband's aunt gave us a bucket of veggies
from her garden and this was in it. 
Our onions didn't fare so well this year.
They turned out to be rather small and sad :(
I think we need to plant them deeper next year.
 Alright, here comes the recipe for
the easiest and BEST side dish you can serve
with dinner. You can make a little or a lot depending 
on how many you have to feed. Also-you can put 
whatever veggies you prefer in it, but these seem
to be my go-to veggies because I usually have all
of them here on hand.
 Broiled Veggie Medley:

*Cut up in fairly big pieces and put in a baking pan:
-red potatoes
-any kind of pepper you want (in this I have anaheim & green belle)
*Drizzle olive oil over it and stir or shake veggies so
that they are all coated with the oil. Season with your 
favorite seasoning or spice. I used a combination of
garlic and italian seasonings.  

*Broil in oven, uncovered, on the bottom rack for
about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese
 the last couple minutes and let it melt. 

This pan of veggies is all HOMEGROWN!
I make this a lot but this pan was the best yet.

.....and we weren't the only ones enjoying our veggies: 

 I think snails are GROSS.
They love my lettuce.
I found this little creature in my lettuce harvest
while I was washing and cutting it. It was tiny tiny.
I just picked the final harvest of my lettuce.
I haven't had to buy lettuce from the store AT ALL this 
summer thanks to my garden. 

This little fellow kept me company on the deck 
a couple nights ago:
 I love katydid's. They are one of the funkiest looking bugs.
I had to run grab my camera and snap these pics so
I could show my little guy the next morning.
 My flowers right now:
 The sunflowers grow wild and HUGE in our flower gardens.
I adore them.
My husband hates them and wants to immediately
pull them out when he sees them starting to come up.
I like the wildflower, natural look in a garden and my
husband prefers the pristine, manicured look.
Since he does 99.9% of the outside work, he wins......
however, he keeps the sunflowers because he knows
how much I enjoy them. I need to take a picture of 
them outside and share with you so you can see 
how big they are this year. This picture
below is one of them in my house right now.
Can you see my hand behind it as a reference to

I hope your weekend is full of fun.
Enjoy these last few weeks of summer.
School will be starting soon and with it, the easy,
free days of summer will end.
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susie said...

Oooh that looks so Yummy! Would you like some more beets? Our neighbor has been giving us a Ton of them this summer! :) Your pics of the bugs and flowers were Awesome! Love you xoxo

Amanda said...

You always have a great garden. And those sunflowers are very pretty..

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