Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~Faux Lace Tank-DIY inspiration from PS i made this~

 In the past I've always re-vamped shirts and clothes
by cutting them up, changing the shape, or making them 
something else entirely. I've recently discovered how
much fun it is to re-vamp clothes with fabric paint.

I saw this idea at "P.S. I Made This"
and knew I had to do it.....pronto!


Cute isn't it?
It was so easy. 
I got the tank at Michael's for $4.
The fabric spray paint was on clearance for $3.
I used a lace shirt I had in my closet that I haven't worn
for awhile. It was too tight and I felt roly poly in it.
 I cut the front section off like this
so I could lay it over the front of the tank:
Then I placed this piece over the tank top.
Be sure to have cardboard or something in between
the front and back of the shirt or the paint will soak thru.
Now spray.
Remove the piece of lace and let dry.
Up close:
That's it!
Check out the one she made at
(click above to be directed).
Hers is way cuter and more detailed than mine.
And if you haven't browsed thru her blog
at her fun DIY's, you should.....
there are so many fun ideas.

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Jolie said...

CUTE!!! But I remember that pink lacy shirt looking so cute on you with a blue tank under it? fun to recycle and revamp!

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