Sunday, December 26, 2010

~christmas ornaments~

I made some cute personalized ornaments
for some of my family and friends this year.
Check them out:

They were super easy and I had so much
fun making them.
The bulbs are from Michael's craft store.
I got them 50% off ....they were .64 a piece.
I had some pictures printed at Walmart
as wallet sizes and backed the picture
with some decorative scrapbook paper I
had on hand.
Next I rolled the picture and inserted it into
the bulb, manipulating the picture as needed
with a pair of tweezers.
Now the fun part-inserting the berries,
feathers, snowflakes, etc, into the
bulb and rubbing the transfers onto the
outside of the bulbs.
These were also all things I had on hand.
The last step was to tie ribbon onto
the top of the ornament....also
used what I had on hand.
The end result....
a sentimental,
gift for people I love.

Friday, December 10, 2010

~monogrammed boys hat~

My nephew turns four next week and I thought
I would make him a little monogrammed hat
for his birthday.
I used black fleece and just traced one of
EJ's hats to get the size right for a toddler.
I used some material I had from some old
camo pants for the monogram, pom-pom and stripe.

I'm sure he'd rather get a toy but until I learn how to make
dinosaurs, dump trucks, tractors, guns, etc. he'll
be getting gifts like this.

Friday, November 19, 2010

~car seat blankets~

Remember the car seat blanket I made for
my new nephew?
I finally got around to sewing some
at an attempt to sell them.

I want to open an etsy shop but I haven't
had the time to research it enough and get it
up so I decided for now to hurry and get them
up on

If you're interested or know anyone who may need
one.......go here.

I have two girl blankets and two boy blankets
and I'm selling them for $20 a piece.

The picture above is one of the girl blankets.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~baby blanket~

The self-binding blanket has turned into
my easy go-to blanket to make this year.
It's so easy and I just love the way they turn out.
Here is one I made for baby girl for Christmas.

Truth be told, I actually bought this fabric for
a friends baby blanket and when I got it home I
loved it so much I decided to keep if for my baby.
It's what gave me the inspiration for her bedroom colors.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~washcloth puppets~

I've been trying to get all the Christmas gifts for the
kids made now because I know I won't have time or
energy after baby girl gets here.

So I know that it's obvious baby girl will be so little
and young that she cannot open any gifts
and she won't know whether she gets any or not
I had to make her some.
It's only fair....don't you think?

I made her these washcloth/bath puppets that
I saw in
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts.

You can get the book at the library.
It's got tons of fun ideas.

This project is a perfect example of a finished product
that just doesn't turn out as cute as you had envisioned
(like the ones in the book).

This one is a puppy dog.

This one is a pig.

Not my best project or work but
I think she'll enjoy them anyway.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was a Christmas tradition in our family growing up
that we all opened up a new pair of jammies on Christmas Eve.
It's been one of the traditions I have carried on
with my own family.

Here are the jammies I made for EJ this year.

Just some little flannel pants with an appliqued shirt
to match it. He's really into pirates and ships right
now so I think he'll love them.
I bought the t-shirt at Walmart for $3 and
made the applique with fabric left over from the pants.

The pattern I used was:
New Look #6131

This is a great project for beginners.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

~chair re-do~

I've always wanted to re-upholster something to see
for myself how difficult it is.
Jay D's Grandma has a chair in her basement that
I have loved for years and years.
I told her quite a few years ago that if she ever
decided to get rid of it, I would love to have it.

Jay D brought it home about a month ago from
one of his almost daily visits with her.
It is simple and small and I thought it would
be a good starter for that re-upholster project
I've been wanting to tackle.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any before pics of it put together.
I told Jay D I got the materials for it and he immediately
started taking the chair apart before I could get a pic.
Once he got it dis-assembled,
we had to take pictures of it before we took off the fabric
to remind ourselves how it was put together.
Here is one of those pics so you can see the material it was.

Here it is now.
I love the final result.
It's EXACTLY what I had in mind.
I got the fabric at Joann's during a 50% off sale.
I splurged and got the fabric I really wanted instead
of a cheaper one I had picked out.
I figured if I was going to put the time into it
then I should make it nice.
The fabric was about $50.....
I totally tapped into my mad-money funds for this.
The paint for the legs was some we had on hand.

I do wish I would have been able to
pull the fabric, pleats and buttons tighter
but I figure that will come with experience.
For now, I'll be satisfied as an amateur.

And I'm pretty sure I'll stay an amateur.....
let's just say this was a beeeeyotch of a project.
Next time I get the inkling to do something like this
I hope my hubs will remind me NOT TO!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~message center~

I've been working on some projects for my house
that I want to show you.

Keep in mind a couple things while viewing
any pictures I may post
of my house and things in it:

A) I am not a professional interior designer.
(as you'll obviously see-go easy on me)

B) I know there are tons of blogs where people
show their extravagant homes and projects they
do in them.....this isn't one of those blogs!
I prefer to "keep it real" (so does my wallet).
My house is not a magazine is real
and we have to live in it.

OK-now that I've got that disclaimer out of the way....
let me show you the new "message center" I have made for
a small little wall between our living room and kitchen area.
In the past I've had a dry-erase/cork board hanging here.
I saw an idea similar to this in a magazine a few months
back and wanted to do it. In the magazine the boards
were actually made out of cookie sheets.
I wanted something smaller than cookie sheets
and I found some clearance magnet boards at
The Wood Conn
ection for $3.46/board.


Anyway, I mod podged some scrapbook paper onto two
of the magnet boards and painted the other one with
some chalkboard paint.
The decorative wood pieces are from a
secret treasure store of mine.
I have had the wood pieces and the chalkboard
paint for a long time so the only thing I had t
buy for this project were the magnet boards
and the spray paint for the wood (

Here it is with all my junk on it:
Did you notice the saying about discipline on the board?
I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis lately.
Three year olds are tough.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

~aprons on the cheap~

There comes a point in life when you become
too old for logo tee-shirts.
It's a harsh reality especially when you
like the logo or the message of the shirt
or it reminds you of that crazy concert you attended
in younger days long, long ago.

And come on, we all have those clothes
that are designated specifically as
"housework only" attire. For me, the logo shirts
end up in this particular drawer......
like the David Bowie shirt that hasn't fit me properly
since I had my first baby
(just because you can smash your body into something doesn't mean it fits people),
or the jeweled "Aquarius" shirt,
or the glitzy Playboy bunny raglan tee (don't ask).....

After going thru a friend's D.I. bag last year,
I found some cute logo tees and thought I could
do something cute with them for some sassy women I know.

Check it out:
Who says you have to wear pearls to make an apron look good?
I cut up the tees and used them to embellish an apron that
I made (again from fabric I had on hand).
I thought it was a good way to still wear those
logos that we love without:

A) having to smash into them.
B) wearing them in public either accidentally or purposely.

Good News.....they can expand with us now!

Here is my friend, Jolie, demonstrating how wonderful
the apron makes her just makes her want to cook....
which we all benefit from.

Total cost of apron: free ninety-nine.

Total time it took to sew and embellish: about 2.5 hours.

Total pounds I've gained since I made it for Jolie: let's just
say I no longer can even smash into the logo tees of mine
that I haven't had the heart to cut up or D.I. yet.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~quiet book~

When my Mom would bring a new baby home
from the hospital she would be sure to
have a special gift for the rest of us kids.
These gifts were always hand made.
To this day I remember what they were and I
still have one of them.
It's a stuffed dog named Fido.
It's got a stitch mark going
around it's entire head because my older sister
ripped his head off once when she got mad at me.
Mom sewed it back on and it has looked like a
post-surgical patient ever since that day.

I wanted to carry this tradition over for EJ
when we bring the baby home from the hospital.

I decided to make him a quiet book.
Had I known the amount of time and work I
would put into it before I started,
I most likely would have gone with something else entirely.

Turn the pages and have a look:
Keep in mind a couple things....
1) I do not claim to be a professional photographer.
2) This was my first time working with fabric paint
and the first quiet book I have ever made.
3) In some of the pictures the pages look crooked,
they aren't's from the thickness of the book once
you start folding out the pages.

Here is the front of the book....obviously.

First page: I blurred his name in the pic
for privacy but I think you can tell it's blocks
with the letters of his name that he can take off
and put back on to spell his name.

2nd page: pizza he can build and take apart.
I think this will be one of his favorites!

3rd page: a little doll he can dress.

Mom and I may have gone a bit overboard on the wardrobe.
Thanks for your help with these Mom.

4th page: a clock with hands that move.

5th page: a rocket that goes to the moon with "Lunar Jim".

Lunar Jim and Rover come out of the rocket too.

6th page: a mailbox with letters for him.

He can take the letters in and out and put the flag up.

7th & 8th page (the center of the book): a train track

The train can go through the bridge and the signs stand up.
The little pouches hold the trains.

9th page: a fishing pond.

The little fish eyes are metal hooks and I
attached a small magnet to the end of the "fishing pole"
that picks up the fish.

10th page: a Christmas tree to decorate.
The ornaments come on and off.
This was the very first page I did....
I know the writing is sketchy.
My Mom insists this is what gives the book
character and makes it special.
I think I agree.

11th page: build-a-bot.
robot body parts that allow him to build
different types of robots.
These were from a sticker book that I took
and laminated each individual sticker and
put Velcro on the back of.

12th page: a tool box with tools.
I wish I would have moved the tool box
down a bit. Initially I thought I was going
to put writing on the bottom too but decided
against it. I still might.

The tools come out and the pliers even open and close.

13th page: pictures of our family.
I left a spot for the baby's picture and a
family picture of all of us once the baby arrives.

He can take the laminated pictures off and put
them back on according to shape. I thought this would also
be a good way to get him familiar with the
way our names are spelled.

14th page: a pocket with some sticker books and/or
a tablet and pencil/color crayons.

The back cover of the book.
I traced his hands on a separate sheet of paper, cut them out
and then traced with fabric paint.
I thought this would be a cute way to document how
small he was when I made this and also help him
to learn his right and left sides.

I was hoping that the book would be thin enough
to just make a cover that was self binding in some way
(zipper, Velcro, etc.) but once I got the pages all together
and put the Pellon in between each page.....
it was way too thick!
So-I made a bag for it....messenger style
with his initials on the flap.
The bag is made out of some red corduroy that
I've had for years (and years and years) and
the strap is made out of denim, which I've also
had for years (and years and years).

I think EJ will love it and I CAN'T WAIT to give it to him.
Truth be told, I had a blast making it.
Once I started thinking of page ideas, I went wild and
couldn't stop. I have enough ideas to make about 2 or 3
more books....but I probably won't.

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