Thursday, October 28, 2010

~chair re-do~

I've always wanted to re-upholster something to see
for myself how difficult it is.
Jay D's Grandma has a chair in her basement that
I have loved for years and years.
I told her quite a few years ago that if she ever
decided to get rid of it, I would love to have it.

Jay D brought it home about a month ago from
one of his almost daily visits with her.
It is simple and small and I thought it would
be a good starter for that re-upholster project
I've been wanting to tackle.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any before pics of it put together.
I told Jay D I got the materials for it and he immediately
started taking the chair apart before I could get a pic.
Once he got it dis-assembled,
we had to take pictures of it before we took off the fabric
to remind ourselves how it was put together.
Here is one of those pics so you can see the material it was.

Here it is now.
I love the final result.
It's EXACTLY what I had in mind.
I got the fabric at Joann's during a 50% off sale.
I splurged and got the fabric I really wanted instead
of a cheaper one I had picked out.
I figured if I was going to put the time into it
then I should make it nice.
The fabric was about $50.....
I totally tapped into my mad-money funds for this.
The paint for the legs was some we had on hand.

I do wish I would have been able to
pull the fabric, pleats and buttons tighter
but I figure that will come with experience.
For now, I'll be satisfied as an amateur.

And I'm pretty sure I'll stay an amateur.....
let's just say this was a beeeeyotch of a project.
Next time I get the inkling to do something like this
I hope my hubs will remind me NOT TO!


susie said...

I LOVE IT! It turned out great.

Jolie said...

This chair does NOT look amateur at all!!! I've seen it in person... The up close details show the extensive skill and effort put into the chair.
I love the retro fabric with the clean white legs.
The red pillow is a YOWZA amazing POP contrast!!!! LOVE IT!

peach said...

Looks awesome! Ditto Jolie.

Linda said...

You did an awesome job! Looks great, babe!!

lisa_sims said... are awesome! I am loving all of your little projects and they are all perfect. I envy your gift of crafty! I think I am crafty too, but it doesn't always turn out. This chair looks fanstastic. Keep up the good work.

Megan said...

I love it!! I love the fabric. You did an amazing job.

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