Saturday, October 23, 2010

~aprons on the cheap~

There comes a point in life when you become
too old for logo tee-shirts.
It's a harsh reality especially when you
like the logo or the message of the shirt
or it reminds you of that crazy concert you attended
in younger days long, long ago.

And come on, we all have those clothes
that are designated specifically as
"housework only" attire. For me, the logo shirts
end up in this particular drawer......
like the David Bowie shirt that hasn't fit me properly
since I had my first baby
(just because you can smash your body into something doesn't mean it fits people),
or the jeweled "Aquarius" shirt,
or the glitzy Playboy bunny raglan tee (don't ask).....

After going thru a friend's D.I. bag last year,
I found some cute logo tees and thought I could
do something cute with them for some sassy women I know.

Check it out:
Who says you have to wear pearls to make an apron look good?
I cut up the tees and used them to embellish an apron that
I made (again from fabric I had on hand).
I thought it was a good way to still wear those
logos that we love without:

A) having to smash into them.
B) wearing them in public either accidentally or purposely.

Good News.....they can expand with us now!

Here is my friend, Jolie, demonstrating how wonderful
the apron makes her just makes her want to cook....
which we all benefit from.

Total cost of apron: free ninety-nine.

Total time it took to sew and embellish: about 2.5 hours.

Total pounds I've gained since I made it for Jolie: let's just
say I no longer can even smash into the logo tees of mine
that I haven't had the heart to cut up or D.I. yet.


Jolie said...

The apron is one of my most cherished gifts :)
it really did pull the "Julia Childs" out in me!
You're so cute! Thanks for the cooking compliment....but I think the reason you can't fit into small logo tees should be blamed on Jay D....
he's the one that made the bun in the oven!

susie said...

CUTE! I love the "free ninety-nine!"

peach said...

Cute! I will admit that I'm wearing my Firebird logo tee today that doesn't fit. I have a cardigan on top though so somehow in my mind that justifies me wearing.

Mrs. Olsen said...

I used all the hubs old t-shirts to make a quilt. I like the apron idea! Very cute.

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