Wednesday, October 13, 2010

~car seat blanket~

My SIL is going to have a baby next month
and I didn't want to make her another plain
blanket because I know she already has a ton of them.

I saw something like this a couple years ago and have
been wanting to make one ever since.
It's the perfect solution for people who live in
colder climates and have winter babies.
I made this pattern myself but I'm certainly not
the first to make one because as I said, I saw one like
it awhile ago. If I knew who made the original, I would
reference them here.
This is my knock-off version.

The car seat blanket.
It has cut-outs in it that allow for the straps
of the infant car seat to be exposed.
That way you can just leave
the blanket in and swaddle the babe after you
get them buckled up.

Here's a demonstration with EJ's little baby doll:

Seriously! How awesome is that?

It's made out of flannel and is sure to keep the babe
warm this winter. Worried about the babe heating
up once you get in the car?
Just un-swaddle and then cover back up
when you arrive at your destination.

How much would you pay for this blanket?
I'm really interested to know your opinion
in case I decide to sell these on Etsy.
Don't be shy, be honest.


peach said...

This is a great idea! I got tons of blankets with all three of my babies. This is unique and would be used almost every day. I'd say $25.00 for this, but I'm not very good at pricing. Did you search for similar things?

susie said...

So cute! I would pay $25-$30.00 for it. I know she loved it!

Jolie said...

I'm probably going to say this about every picture of baby items you put on here,
"where was this stuff when I had babies?"
between $20-$25

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