Saturday, January 28, 2017

~turquoise-pearl-tassel necklace~

i love mixing elements that don't necessarily
go together, yet somehow they do. 
the eclectic taste of it....delicious.

turquoise. pearls. tassels. gold.
sounds like a lot...
(throw in some lace and velvet and it smells like a brothel).
the result turned out to be a 
simple, bohemian'ish vibe.

i made two of these yesterday.
birthday gifts for a couple of friends.

i think i need to make one for me too :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

~Embellished Shepherds Hook for Houseplants~

last weekend i blew the dust off my jewelry making supplies 
and attempted to make some birthday gifts 
for a few important ladies in my life. 

normally i have ideas coming left and right and 
i have to reign things in to hone in on the project i have in mind. 
this time....nothing.
although i had a strong desire to create something,
i had no creative inspiration.
i tried to force it.
 the end result of the earrings i made....
not good. like REALLY not good.
(susie-you'll be glad i went and bought you a necklace instead) 

in the past couple years i've only dipped into
 the creative parts of my brain sporadically.
i'm creatively out of shape.

i decided to ditch the gawd-awful earrings and re-group.
i needed to make something that i didn't have to think too hard about.
last summer while at a local garden store i saw 
some beautiful embellished shepherds hooks for houseplants. 
i've been wanting to make one ever since. 

in the end, i made two of them but only gave one away.

 my little lady and i have decided to do "a craft" (as she calls it) every weekend.
a couple weeks ago we made our own dream catchers (i'll share pics soon).
i think today we'll work on some valentines day projects.

hope you all have a great weekend!

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