Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~washcloth puppets~

I've been trying to get all the Christmas gifts for the
kids made now because I know I won't have time or
energy after baby girl gets here.

So I know that it's obvious baby girl will be so little
and young that she cannot open any gifts
and she won't know whether she gets any or not
I had to make her some.
It's only fair....don't you think?

I made her these washcloth/bath puppets that
I saw in
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts.

You can get the book at the library.
It's got tons of fun ideas.

This project is a perfect example of a finished product
that just doesn't turn out as cute as you had envisioned
(like the ones in the book).

This one is a puppy dog.

This one is a pig.

Not my best project or work but
I think she'll enjoy them anyway.


Anonymous said...

Even the "not quite as cute the book" ones are cute. You are a very talented lady. Love ya, Steph

Megan said...

How strange is it to say "for the kids..." It seriously just hit me that you are going to have kids. LOVE IT!!! Is that baby here already or what!?! Can't wait to hear.

Jolie said...

I know these were a snap for you to make...which is just nauseating for those of us with a sewing handicap, but these are prob one of my fav's!!! There is something about washing time with a baby that is so bonding, playful, and fun. love em!

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