Thursday, August 9, 2012

~wire heart bracelet inspired by "I Spy DIY"~

 Another blog I love is 
She also has a book. I will soon share with you
 the projects I did from her book.

Today I want to show you the bracelet I made
a couple weeks ago, inspired by her.
 The link to her blog above is for a ring she made
out of wire, I swear I've seen a bracelet too
but I can't find that link. I don't know how she gets
her wire so smooth and intricate....practice I guess.
I made a hook to go thru the heart to 
latch it onto my wrist.

 I finished it off by wrapping the wire around itself.

I've been wearing it everyday, stacked with my other 
wrist baubles :) I think I'll try the ring next....or
maybe adding a charm to it.
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Jolie said...

I saw this on you the other day when you came over and wanted to comment on it. LOVE IT!!! Good job

Jolie said...

p.s. like the new blog design :)

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