Monday, May 13, 2013

~teacher appreciation week-the rest of it~

 Have I mentioned yet that I am soooo
glad teacher appreciation week is over?
It kicked my butt.
Between the room parent responsibilities and
the projects I did for the committee responsibilities,
I was WIPED OUT by Friday evening.

Here's what my little guy gave his teacher
on Wednesday:
 A little mini rose bush with a trellis....
got it for $5.99 at our local market.
 Wednesday evening we went and decorated
the teacher lounge and stocked it with all sorts
of food, drinks, goodies and magazines.
These are some of the little sayings about teachers
that I made to go on the tables.   

 I took pictures of the lounge when we were done
but the pictures turned out not so great....
so you don't get pics of that :)
Just imagine a stocked fridge, counter tops full
of food, etc.  

This is what we gave my son's teacher 
on Thursday:   
 A "Smash Book" with this book mark:
 I got this free printable at 
Positively Splendid for the bookmark.
Click (here) to get yours. 
 I made a few of these little paper clips for the book too.

 We even did a page for her:
 She loved it.
I love Smash Books.....I call it the lazy
way to scrapbook. I've been doing books like
this for years.....who would have ever thought
a person could market it and make a ton of
money selling them? Wish I would have 
thought of that. was $12.

Friday we bought her lunch so we didn't 
give her a gift. 

Also....Friday I delivered these to the 
teacher's mailboxes at the school.    

 At the beginning of the week I made packets
for each teacher's class. In each of these packets
was a questionnaire for the students to fill out about
their teacher. A student from each class was in charge of
their teacher's packet and the student returned it
to the office after they were filled out. That way
the teachers didn't have to be involved and could
be surprised. Once I got all the packets back
I went thru them, picked out any that had 
negative comments on them (there were only
3 in the whole school), printed up a cover sheet
and put them in presentation folders. 

Some of the answers the kids wrote were hilarious.
Like this:

That's it until next year. 

As much as I just complained about how
time consuming and exhausting it all was,
it was worth it. I hope the teachers felt 
special and realize how much they are
appreciated for helping us with our little ones.
I seriously don't know how they do it.
Thank you teachers! 
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Jolie said...


You went above and beyond. But that is so you...I wouldn't have expected anything less. This is a big part of what teachers say "yes, this is why I chose this profession/path in life"

You are amazing girl! You raise the bar for us all to achieve such greatness. So proud of you.

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