Saturday, December 17, 2011

~mason jars....Christmas style~

Remember the mason jars I decorated with
at Thanksgiving....well-I've used them again 
for Christmas. I wasn't lying when I said
I use them all the time. 
I have so many Christmas decorations and
I just didn't have the energy to go all out 
this year. I decided to decorate a few areas in
the house and call it good. This is the shelf
in my living room which the jars are currently 
sitting on....with a whole bunch of other glitzy
garb. Can you tell I like gawdy?
The colors I chose to decorate with this year were
I threw in pine cones and some twine in an 
attempt to give it that shabby chic look.
A good friend gave me a bunch of beautiful crosses
last year that I also threw into the mix. 
I also decorate with these crosses at Easter.
I have quite a few of them.

My china hutch.
More of the same.
Sofa table behind my couch.
Didn't take picture of the whole thing????

Above my couch I strung a piece of the hemp string
and wrapped gold glitzies around it then hung
silver and gold ornaments from it.

Then we have the tree....
which we had to put in the corner up on 
our trunk so our little lady can't reach it.
This is not blue/green/silver/gold....
it is traditional colors with all of our
sentimental and meaningful ornaments on it.
I didn't even bother putting my fancy ornaments
that are all matching and proper.
Somehow, I have discovered that the ornaments
marking my kids' first Christmas or those
ornaments made for us by them are more
beautiful than any 'ol glass and beaded 
ornament I've ever seen.
Another thing that's traditional flavored...
My Mom has made everyone in the family
a stocking. She's made them one by one over
the years as our family has grown and EVERY
SINGLE person in the family has a
hand made stocking from Mom.
It's one of my favorite things she has ever made me.
The lights are up.
The tree is trimmed.
Stockings are hung.
Looks like I need to get started on those projects huh?
Tomorrow I'll start....for real this time.

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Jolie said...

your house looks gorgeous and festive!!

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