Thursday, December 15, 2011

~paper gifts~

My friend gave me a gift yesterday that I just 
had to share with everyone.
 Cute isn't it?
Just gets even better.
  A page for each holiday to change out!
I love it. 
How is it I've never thought of this?
Such a good idea and a nice gift
to give anyone....the gift that gives all year :)
Thank you Lynsie <3

And look at this adorable handmade card
I received in the mail yesterday:
I have a bunch of Thank-You cards to do...
I'm going to give this a shot.
I figure it can't be too hard, right?
It seems like you can make it as 
detailed as you either DO or DO NOT want to.
Anything goes!
As long as the fabric doesn't fall off I suppose.
Thanks for thinking of me with this Julee....

There's nothing like a little handmade love
from those you love.


Jolie said...

I just love the holiday change outs too!!!!
What a great gift idea!
I will post mine on my blog too so you can see the sheets I got.

cool thank you notes! seems like a lot of work tho...but then again, a sewing on a button is a lot of work to me!

paula said...

Jol...Your sheets are different?! Ooh-I can't wait to see yours.

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