Sunday, January 1, 2012

~dress to skirt in 30 seconds~

Hope you all had a FUN and SAFE evening 
saying goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012.

I have spent the past month or so really
contemplating the things in my life that 
are working and the things that are not. 
Once I had a list of the things that are in need
of change I realized upon further contemplation that
it all stemmed around one major component:
Or shall I say....taking care of myself and 
making myself a priority. Several of the things
in my life that I am not happy with are the direct
result of just being plain 'ol exhausted,
 feeling crappy about my appearance,
 feeling like my time and energy is spread too thin
resulting in the feeling that I do things "half-assed".
I hate that. 

So-with that being said and out there now,
let me share with you some ways in which I
am going to change this....starting NOW.

-Go to bed NO LATER than 10:30.
Regardless of what project or household
duty I think "has to be done right now".
I'm hoping that with the proper amount
of sleep each night I can make up for the
lost hours at night (when I usually do projects)
by being more productive during the day
because I won't be dragging my butt. 
And when all else fails, if it takes me a couple
extra days to get something done.....OH WELL.
If it means going to bed with a sink of dirty dishes....
I can tell you now, this will be difficult for 
me to stick with but I have no doubt that if I do,
my husband and kids and myself will be much happier :)
You know what they say about "momma not being happy..."

-Rediscover my love of fashion and start taking risks again.
This was really what sparked the whole issue.
I'm sick of feeling like a frumpy, tired Mom.
In my former life...I actually dressed really cool.
I took fashion risks...some were a HIT and
some were a MISS. That's the chance you take and you
never know what fun looks you can come up with
if you never try. I love fashion. So much
so that it's what I went to college design.
I want to start taking risks again and devoting more
of my sewing time working on clothes for me instead
of just stuff for my kids or my house. And you know what?
My kids won't know any different.
I don't have to be working on something for them
every second of my spare time in order to justify
the time and distraction away from them. 

-Get healthy by eating better.
I love to cook and I don't actually
buy a lot of crap and processed food
but I know I can do MUCH better when it
comes to this. The key to this is organization
and planning....and then trying to coax the kids
into eating it :)


-Be present.
Meaning, whatever it is I'm doing or who I'm with,
be present in that very moment and conversation. 
Quiet that chatterbox in my head.
Simple as that. 

With this in mind, I decided that I had to ring in
the new year feeling cute. The initial outfit I had in
mind didn't work out. I re-purposed a men's t-shirt 
and although it turned out cute, it just doesn't work on me.
(However, it will work as an excellent birthday
gift for someone I know in January :))
So...true to form-I was scrambling at the last minute
trying to throw something together.

I have to back track a bit....I realized earlier in the
week that if I was going to take full advantage of my
wardrobe, I had to see what I had to work with.
I spent the afternoon yesterday going thru my closet
and getting rid of items that I didn't wear at all in 2011.
Some of the items I still love but they either don't 
fit me right or I don't feel confident in them.
I was astonished by the amount I got rid of.
This is what my closet ended up looking like:
disclaimer: my closet is nothing spectacular, I know.
I'm just showing you this to get the point across that 
a person has to know what they have to work with 
before they can actually start to work with it.

One of the piles I made while sorting thru the closet 
was of items to re-purpose. I took this dress out of the pile:
With a pair of scissors and 30 seconds I turned it 
into this:

I simply cut off the bodice and paired the skirt
instead with a tank I forgot I had. I topped
it off with a favorite piece of mine I bought
years ago at FULL PRICE from Nordstrom.... leopard belt. 
Because I live in a climate
that is bitter cold this time of year, I had
to add a little jacket, tights and boots:

I loved it.
It was comfortable.
It expanded with all the food I ate.
(on second thought...I'm thinking that's not good)
It was kid friendly.
It was perfect for dancing :)

Needless to say, I didn't get in bed by 10:30 last night.
But I will tonight.
Here's to 2012....may it be a good one.


Megan said...

I love every word. Good for you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. So cute!

Jolie said...

You looked smokin' hot and comfy in your creation!!! You just floor me with your eye in design and talent!!! It's fun to see what you come up with next.

can't say that i'm not disappointed that you didnt' say a february bday tho :)

get some sleep!!!! it's an order!!! love you

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