Thursday, January 5, 2012

~Valentine pinspiration~

I'm going to start posting my favorite
finds on Pinterest each week.
I like to call it my """pinspiration".
I love hand made valentines.
I do them each year.
I always like to personalize them in some
way and I've found a couple cute 
ideas that I'm considering for this year's cards.
(click on pics to go to links)

Aren't these cute for kids school valentines?
 Give these out with Pop Rocks.
 As of right now these super hero valentines are
the top contender for my little guy's valentines
to give to his school friends. He's going to go nuts!
And these two I'm trying to decide between 
 for our own personal family valentines. 
I will probably have to do both :) 

 There are some cute ideas out there but
I knew when I saw this thumb print valentine
that my search for the perfect valentine this year was over.

I found more than just valentines too.
Check it out:
Wouldn't it be romantic to do this for your husband?
A balloon for each year you've been together with
a memory tied onto the bottom of each string. 

 How simple and easy is this?
A bookmark with a paint swatch.
I may be making these :)
sorry-can't find the original link for this.
 Candy kabobs.....what kid wouldn't love this?
 Yowza! These look beautifully delicious.
I have to attempt these.
 I love the idea of these....
but I'm not feeling ambitious enough
this year to pull it off.
 Heart shaped cupcakes.
Supposedly you just have to put a marble in 
between the cupcake liner and the pan.
I'll try this one and let you know if it works.
 Heart on a string it!
Why have I never thought of a heart shaped
sandwich for my kid? He has a peperoni sandwich
EVERY DAY. I'm not waiting for Valentines Day
to do this....I'm doing it tomorrow. 
Just use a cookie cutter.
 Cute wall hanging.
It would be easy to make too.
You could even do it with card stock
and I think it would be just as cute.
 I am loving both these pillows.
I've never been big into holiday pillows
but I think I'm going to have to make
one or both of these because they look so easy!

 Looking at all this stuff has ALMOST made me
want to put up a few valentines decorations.
I'm not quite there yet....still recovering from
having all the 
decorations up. I actually don't mind putting them out.
That's's the taking them down and putting
them away and trying to figure out how you 
fit all that crap in the bins part that I hate.
Maybe in a couple weeks.


Jolie said...

What adorable ideas!!! I really like the cut out of kids' hands with the 'I love you this much'.

Can you believe it's almost V-day??? Is Christmas and New Years really over??? Time is boot scootin way to fast!!!

Megan said...

I think it is funny and thank goodness for pinterest because we have the exact same valentine ideas. I love love love to decorate for valentines day and most of my decor is already up. I made that hearts on a string pillow last night. Not exactly as cute as the one on the blog but mine ended up cute.

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