Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~valentines projects-done by moi~

I'm not doing a very good job the past
couple weeks of posting on this blog.
I have plenty to share it's just that
I can't seem to find enough hours in the day
to get to this little blog of mine. 

I've been working on some Valentine's projects.
You may recognize some of these ideas from 
my "pinspiration-Valentine's Day" post.

 Baby leg warmers for these adorable little chub legs.
If you want to make some of these use the 
leg warmer tutorial I posted a couple weeks ago.

 I saw this idea as a pillow and decided instead
to do it in a picture frame. It was sooo easy.
Just sew some string onto a piece of fabric
cut to the proper dimensions for your frame.
The hearts are attached at the point where
the button is sewn on. Put back in the
frame and you're done.
I also did this one:

This idea was also originally a pillow that I
chose to do in a frame instead.
To do this I just traced a heart onto my piece of
muslin and used a big quilting needle with my
ribbon threaded in it. Stitch around your heart
shape, being sure to leave enough ribbon at
the end to tie in a bow. I added the button
to give it a little more texture. 
These are both going to a friend for her birthday.
The other project...
this adorable red and silver bracelet.
My next Valentine's project will be 
the heart shaped cupcakes and our
Valentine's cards. 

Meanwhile, I am working on some toddler bedding
that I will hopefully be finishing up within the next
couple days for a friend. I hope the finished product
will turn out as cute as the one we've envisioned 
in our heads :) 

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Linda said...

Love it all, especially those little chub legs-give them kisses for me!!
Love the bracelet!!!

lisa_sims said...

Paula! You are so talented! Good job on all this stuff! I want some leg warmers for my girls! I will pay!

susie said...

The leg warmers are so Cute, but not as cute as the little chubby legs under them. I love all of your projects, you're so creative! I also love my shirt and bracelet, thanks!
Love you

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