Thursday, January 19, 2012

~hand made cards~

I love greeting cards. 
Just Because.
Thank you.
I love them all. 
I can go to the store and spend hours in the 
greeting card isle just reading them. 

My friend, who conveniently happens to be
my next door neighbor, knows about my love
for cards and gave me the best Christmas gift.
The biggest stack of hand made cards I've ever seen.
30-something beautiful hand made cards....
for every occasion you can think of. 
Here are some of my favorites:

How cute are these little owls?

 I love how this one unfolds.
I really like the colors and the simplicity of this one. 
 Love the colors and the little touches of newspaper
on this one....also the stitching. 

Cute baby cards :)

I need to write out and give one of these Thank You cards to her.
Seriously...Can you even believe the thoughtfulness of this gift?
I love it.
But wait!
There's more.

 Love the texture on these. 

Aren't these just lovely?
There's even more than I've shown you.
This was just a sneak peek at my favorites. 
Thank you Julie.
I love each and every one of them.


Jolie said...

Julie made EVERY one of these???
I am in awe!!! and in love with ALL of them!!!
This is so thoughtful and exactly something that she knew you would use and appreciate.
She needs to be selling these!
Get on it Julie!!
You are very talented!
You could sell them in variety packs of 5.

How fun!!! I hope to get one of these lovies in my mailbox some day ;)
love the owl card...hint, hint

Amanda said...

wow, they are amazing!! I love them too. so creative and so artistic too!! amazing.... I am especially loving the ruff day card, of course. but really who doesn't love to look at a cute dog face when its been a hard day???

paula said...

Julie actually had her Mom make them for me. BUT....Julie has made cards for me in the past and hers are just as adorable!

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