Friday, January 27, 2012

"Pinspiration-kids stuff"

From food to crafts to game ideas....
you can find so many ideas for little kids on Pinterest.
It's one of my favorite things to search.

Here's a sampling of some of the great ideas
I've recently found on Pinterest.

(Click on any of the pics to be redirected to 
their link source and learn more about them.)
 I'm seriously considering making one of these for
 my guys art supplies. He currently has a 
little desk in his room that I keep threatening to get
rid of because most of the time it's just stacked with
his crap and cannot even be used as a desk. I'm wondering
if this would solve that problem.
 What a fun game for kids.
This would be a fun game for a birthday party.
And best of!
 I made this fort kit for my little guy's birthday.
It's a big hit and it was another easy and inexpensive project.
I'm going to be making another one soon for
a friend's son.
 This blog has a ton of ideas for kids activities.
Check it out.
 Another fun activity for kids.
Spy training game.
 I love these little snack bags. 
I'm going to do this soon :)
Although my kids would prefer them to 
be filled with chocolate.
 What a cute sandwich.
I need to try's almost too cute to eat.
 A snack station for kids in the fridge.
Back before I had kids when my nieces and nephews
would come stay with me I would make them 
sacks filled with snacks to last them throughout the day.
That way they didn't have to ask me when they 
wanted something. I haven't thought to do this 
for my kids....forgot all about it....until now.
 Now this is a creative way to eat marshmallows
and apple slices.
Maybe I could get him to eat peppers if
I presented them like this.
This would also be fun for a Halloween party.
 I've made a couple quiet books and I think this
little coloring tote is a good alternative to a quiet book.
It looks easy and it's adorable. It would also be a 
good birthday gift for kids.
If you haven't seen my quiet books you should check them 
out by clicking on my label "quiet book" on the sidebar.
 This is another cute gift idea for little kids.
I don't let my kids do sleepovers but I'm going to
make them each one for when we go out of town
to see relatives. It will make my little guy feel
very grown up to have his own travel kit. 
 Soft para-troopers. My little guy was just asking
me the other day for another para-trooper toy.
This is way better than those cheap little plastic ones.
Plus-I don't have to worry about my baby getting
the plastic parachute and choking on it.
 How genius is this?
Three pillows covered in fabric for the kids
to lay on. Another project I've got to do.
This means I have to clear a spot on the floor
amidst all the toys to actually have a place
to lay these pillows. Re-thinking this :)
A good deed punch card for kids.
Once it's filled they get a reward. 
I'm going to try this.
Hopefully  it will work because my little guy
has been a turd lately.
 What a cute way to have your kids footprints forever.
 Shaving cream paint for the bathtub.
What kid wouldn't love this?
I love how innovative this idea is. 
We have a dozen stray action figures I could do this with.
I've got more but I have to stop now.
I wasn't kidding when I said I could go on and on 
about my fun Pinterest finds :)


susie said...

SO CUTE! I want to try all of them. I haven't gone onto pintrest yet, I'm afraid once I do, I will be addicted!

Jolie said...

i love the toothbrush/paste traveler!! i want one for myself!

great snack ideas!
and i really like the punch card!

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