Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~leather and lace belt~

I love lace and I've been seeing it 
in people's fashion choices a lot lately it seems.
I got a big piece of thick lace a few weeks ago
with the intentions of adding it to a waistband
on a pair of pants of mine. 
Well, that didn't work out and I've been trying
to figure out how I could use it.

I saw this dress on Pinterest a few days ago
and knew immediately what I wanted to do with the lace:
Isn't this beautiful?
Anyway, keep in mind this was just my inspiration.
Obviously I didn't make a dress like this.....YET :)
This is what I did:

I made a little lace belt to layer with other belts.
I know this shirt isn't the best with it and I didn't realize
 until I looked at the pictures tonight...yowza.
Next time I'm going to try it with a little shift dress.

Here's how I did it.

First off, buy enough lace to fit around your waist
with about 2 extra inches. Next you want to wrap the
lace around your waist where you'll be wearing it and
mark with pins the two meeting points on each end. 
Go ahead and fold the ends under about an inch.
 The pins represent the line I will be sewing my snaps on.

Now you want to take another piece of material that has
some body and stiffness to it. This is what you will be 
attaching the snaps to. I used some weird shiny black
material I've had for years. Cut a piece just big enough to
fit in between the two layers of the lace ends you 
just folded under. You'll want to use a piece
the same color as your lace so it doesn't stick out
like a sore thumb. 
 This is what it will look like:
Next you will be sewing the ends of your lace that you've
just turned under and placed the fabric strip into.

 Sew both ends under and it will look something like this:
Now the tedious part.....sewing on the snaps.
These were the kind I used.
 Make sure you have a "male" and a "female" part for
each snap. Determine where you want to place
them and sew them on. It was a little tricky
sewing a black snap onto a black piece of lace
with a black piece of thread....I poked myself a lot.
 Nice chipped nail polish eh?
So, once you've got them sewn on, it will look 
something like this. Remember, not both ends will
be turned under in the same direction. Since you want
them to meet and lay flat, one end will actually be 
turned up and the other end will be turned down.
Also, be sure to sew your snaps on the underside of
the piece that will laying on the top. On the other end,
you will sewing them on the top. Is this making sense?
Once you lay out the lace and start fitting it to you
I think you will see what I'm talking about.
I should have said that before now shouldn't I?
I learned this the hard way.
yeah...and I thought sewing the snaps was rough?
Try unpicking a black seam on a piece of black lace.
I can't believe I didn't destroy it.
I tried it with a couple different belts and 
it looked cute with all of them.
What a shame I didn't try a different shirt.
I am really loving the "leatha and lace" look.
Can't wait to try it with something else.


Jolie said...

way rockin cute!!!! love the leather and lace look too. it's like the good girl gone a bit naughty.

a piece of thick sequin material would be fun too!

susie said...

So cute!

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