Monday, January 2, 2012

~quiche in a green pepper~

I'm going to share with you one of my favorite recipes.
Mini quiche cooked in a green pepper.
It's easy and (depending on what you put in it) good for you.
I'm going to tell you right out of the starting gate
that it's not necessarily the prettiest thing you'll
cook but it's one of the tastiest. 

Here's what you'll need:
 Your base ingredients are 
-eggs (1.5 per pepper)
-heavy cream (approx.-1/8th cup per pepper)
-cheese (NECESSITY as far as I'm concerned)
At this can add whatever you prefer-
My go to items: salt n pepper, garlic, onions, mushrooms, meat.
 First you'll want to cut the top off your peppers and 
clean them out. They should look like this when you're done:

Next you will chop up any veggies you want to saute
and throw them in a pan with a splash of olive oil.

While those are cooking go ahead and get your egg
mixture ready. Mix your eggs in a bowl with the cream.

Now you are going to add your other ingredients....
the "fillers" so to speak :)
On this day I used ham because it's what I had on hand.
I usually do bacon or sausage.
If you do bacon or sausage you need to cook it BEFORE
you add it into your egg mixture.

Now you want to go ahead and fill your peppers with 
the egg mixture. I use my muffin tin to hold the 
peppers while they cook. Just set the bottom of your 
pepper into one of the spaces as far down as it will go.
I've always been able to make this work regardless
of the shape of the pepper. I then place the muffin
tin on a cookie sheet.
 I use my 1/2 cup measuring cup to pour it into the pepper.

Fill them about 3/4 full (the eggs will rise while cooking).

Cook in a 350 degree oven for about an hour.
This may vary a bit depending on how fast or slow
your oven cooks. I check mine after an hour and then 
usually cook for 6-10 more minutes. 
Check them by placing a knife thru the center of the egg
mixture and go straight down to the bottom of the pepper.
If the pepper feels cooked and the knife comes
out clean, it's done. 
If you are a mega cheese lover you can sprinkle some
cheese over them and put back in the oven for a couple
minutes to melt the cheese.
 Or don't add cheese.
See-I wasn't lying when I said it wasn't very pretty.
 Let cool for a couple minutes before you take them
off the pan and serve them. To eat it we just 
cut the pepper right in half.
Give it a shot.
Trust really is good.
Even if it doesn't look like it.
Can someone back me up here?


Amanda said...

Looks friggin delicious. I'll have to try that out.

Jolie said...


These are DEEEEEEvine!!! you've got me craving these lovelies!!!

thanks for the recipe too :)

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