Saturday, January 28, 2012

~hair pretties~

 My little guy had a birthday party for one of his friends
who is a girl but "not a girlfriend" (as he says).
Along with a stack of leg warmers,
I made her a couple hair pretties.

My little lady is still in the stage where she pulls
EVERYTHING out of her hair when I attempt 
to style it. Because of this, I haven't really
got into making hair pretties yet. 
My Mom used to make them for us when I was a kid
and I remember being so proud of the fact that 
I had the cutest hair pretties in the whole class.
My experience making hair accessories is moderate.
I went thru a phase in 9th grade where I made a bunch
of cute barrettes and clips for myself using oddball things.
Some of them were real cute.
Like the one I adorned with pills. read correctly. My Mom worked in a 
Dr's office and we had tons of drug samples so 
I thought they would be a cute colorful way to 
adorn this particular barrette. I wore it a few times
and actually got a lot of compliments on it but 
the first time my Mother informed me that I was
wearing hormone pills that she took for her 
menopause, was the day I quit wearing it.
Nowadays it would probably be considered drug contraband.
I've just dated myself haven't I? I went to school
back in the days when we didn't have school officers,
mandatory locker inspections, drug sniffing dogs and
rules and regulations for EVERYTHING.

I'm sure as my girl gets older I will make more
and get better at making them but until then,
this is where I'm at with it.
To say the little girl I made them for is a "girly girl" would be
a bit of an understatement. I sure do hope she likes them.

I can see how this could get addicting.
I had so much fun making these.
They were easy, inexpensive and quick.


Jolie said...

hahahaha!!! your were 'bedazzalling' yourself with your mom's hormone pills!!!! i love it!
great story!!! can't quit laughing about that one!

hair pretties turned out cute!!! wait til i show you the ones elise sent me. will give ya some more good ideas!

susie said...

I don't remember pill one, but that's damn funny! I bet Mom was laughing so hard when she saw it. Love you

Amanda said...

OH man, love the story. The hair pretty with the big ol feather is adorable. Love it.

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