Saturday, January 14, 2012

~for the home-"pinspiration"~

This week's edition of "pinspiration" 
will be featuring things I've found for the home.
But first...
This is the funniest statement about Pinterest 
I've yet to see:
This rings true for me because I love
Pinterest just as much as I hate football.

Now onto the fun finds.....
 I'm going to try this.
A good way to make your house smell like 
coffee without brewing a pot.
Plus I like the look of it.
 What a good idea this is.
Ikea spice racks attached to the sides of a dresser.
I'm all about stuff like this because of our lack of space.
 You have to know from all my different holiday decorations
and the way I use my mason jars that this is right up 
my alley. These were made to be used as wine goblets
but I would use them as a way to display 
different holiday decorations. 
It reminds me of a shabby chic apothecary jar.
 I saw this idea years ago in a magazine and
ripped it out. I've been looking for the perfect ladder
since then. However, I want to get this and
use it as a pot rack in my kitchen.
 If only I had an extra closet to make a little
reading nook....I would totally do it. 
And I'm pretty sure it would be my favorite spot in the house.
 Good idea to store all those spray bottles....
hang them on a tension rod. This site has a 
lot of other organization/time saving ideas too.
 I have wanted to have a window seat in one of my
bay windows for a long time now. This may be the perfect
alternative to a built in window seat. It's a bookcase
turned on it's side with legs and a cushion.
Love and easy wall art.
These are shoe box lids covered with fabric and
hung on the wall.
I like this idea to keep things together and up
off the counter top. I keep all my stuff like this in 
a bowl or large vase but I think this 
gives your counters a cleaner look. 
I have some old sheet music of my Grandma F's
that I have been trying to figure out cool ways to display.
I might try something like this.

Hope you all had a great week filled with
lots of inspiration too :)


Jolie said...

im gonna do the cake platform that holds the counter bottles!!!

Peach said...

Aaaaah ha. Now I see why people love pinterest. Hmmmmm......

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