Saturday, January 7, 2012

~my sewing space~

Since I'm taking the month to do things for myself
(yeah's not going quite as I had planned)
I thought I would tackle a HUGE chore I have
been putting off for months and months.
My sewing space.

I wish I could say to you that I have a huge room
dedicated to my sewing and crafting projects but
that would be a lie.
I have a corner in our basement.

Our house is not big and we utilize EVERY square
foot of it. When we had our first baby, we lost our spare
bedroom. When we had our second baby, we lost
our "computer room".  That pretty much left our
basement as the only space to accommodate all
these things. Our family room is long and narrow.
We sort of have it divided into two different spaces
with the couch in the center and butted up
behind that is a big bookcase.

The sofa has a pull out bed in it (a very comfy one
might I add....a Sleep Number Bed). 
Behind the couch on the other end is my sewing
space and now also the computer space.
There's a lot of stuff in a fairly small room.
We spend a lot of time down there so 
naturally we have a bunch of kids toys down
there too. It's crowded even when it's clean
and when it's not's just ridiculous.
Well-my side has been out of control for
a long time and I finally decided I'd had enough.
It took me a few days to get it done
(with a baby who won't sleep). Normally
I would have been able to bust it out in an
afternoon but everything is taking me longer
these days. Let me tell you in advance,
if you're expecting to see one of those 
beautiful matchy matchy craft rooms...
you will be disappointed. 

Here's the HORRIBLE before pics:
 Would you believe me if I told you I
organized this all about 4 months ago?
True story. It's amazing how fast
things can pile up. I have unfinished projects,
fabric, mending, etc. in piles all over!

How horrible is this?
You can't even see our window.
Now that I've aired my dirty laundry, 
let me show you what it looks like now.

I swapped spots with the computer and sewing table.
The taller table is one I got out of our R.V.
I didn't know the height adjusted to be that tall.
I was ecstatic! When I stand at it, it's just the
right height. This will save my back and it gives
me a good size work space. 
I've NEVER had that! YAY!
It's tall enough to fit my little shelves underneath too.
In the next couple weeks I'm hoping to make a curtain
to attach to the front and side lip of the table, 
hiding all the crap underneath :)
 I went thru all the books in my bookcase and
got rid of enough to clear out a whole side.
I used the empty side to store some of my
sewing and crafting essentials, which I also organized.

Praise the Lord for this! Do you know how much time 
this ribbon organizer is going to save me?
I just stuck the dowel thru the center of the ribbon spools
and attached the dowels to the holes in this little basket.
And what do you know?
We actually have a window.

I love walking down and looking at my clean and
organized space. I want to get some shelves for the 
wall above my sewing machine but that will come
with time....and money. 

Want to know what I did in the days before Pinterest
and blogging?
I ripped out things in magazines I liked and kept them!
This gigantic box is what I have to show for that.
I'm going to go thru it a little each day until
it's empty. It's way too big a project to tackle 
at one time.

Now, my next space to tackle:

The storage under our stairs.
iii yii yiii...
this could get dangerous.

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