Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I know it's been around for awhile and
you could say I have a tendency to get stuck in 
the dark ages electronically but......

How did I not know how amazing this is?
I am loving it!
I'm still learning the navigation around it
and all but I know the basics....obviously-
I've pinned over a hundred things in a couple days.
My little guy's birthday party is Saturday and I 
am knee deep in pirate stuff.
Pinterest has supplied me with soooo many
ideas and solutions to ideas that I already had in my head
but didn't quite know how to carry out. 
Here are a few of them:
These ships from icandyhandmade.
(click on pictures to go to blogs)
How amazing are these?
This is the main thing I was trying to figure
out how to do when I started searching.
Tables turned into ships at

 Kitchen table turned into a ship at
wants and wishes design shop on etsy.
This is actually a kit you can purchase but
I think I'm going to try and wing it for the party.
These bottles and punch dispenser at 
And that's just a peak!

A friend of mine told me that Pinterest
is like "Internet crack and heroine" .
Addicting and hard to stop......
she wasn't exaggerating.

Want to see my pins?
click here.

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