Friday, November 4, 2011


I love fall decorations.
I've said that before right?
Let me show you a trick I've been doing for
years with my pumpkins out on the front porch.

With the SAME pumpkins, I transform my porch
from this:
(nothing spectacular I know...I wasn't feeling it this year)
To this:
SAME PUMPKINS....just turned around and embelished a little.
If you are to get up close and look at the backside
you would see this:

Hey....I've got to get my money's worth.
Talk about getting your bang for your buck.
In years past the pumpkins have actually lasted 
until Thanksgiving without wilting and caving in.
I just turn them around and put some fall
foliage that I bought at the dollar store in and around them.
If you haven't already thrown out your jack-o-lanterns

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